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Dating is a Bitch

The more time I spend with the new guy the more I don’t hate him.  And truthfully, I should hate him.  He laughs at me when I get angry.  Which, of course, only makes me angrier.  He then laughs harder.  It’s a never-ending cycle of abuse.

And if that weren’t enough reason to hate him, he didn’t know who Anderson Cooper was.  Tragic!  He also has the worst taste in music. He’s never even heard of Wilco or Ben Folds.  CAN YOU IMAGINE?

It gets worse. Way worse.

He forced me to sit though the worst sitcom in the entire world last night.  Outside of a replacement for waterboarding no one should ever be subjected to The Big Bang Theory.

And you know what?

This makes me adore him more.  FUCK.


  • Adoration and The Big Bang Theory should never, EVER, go hand in hand. Next you’ll be telling us that he also owns every season of According to Jim on DVD! (Please don’t tell us this)

  • I can’t understand what the appeal of The Big Bang Theory is either, but the big travesty is never having heard of Wilco and Ben Folds Five, I mean seriously!

  • Big Bang Theory is one of the funniest comedies I’ve seen in a long time. But then I live in Pasadena (where they claim to live) and know a lot of people like them…since JPL and Caltech are in the area (and they work at Caltech.) Guess it’s a regional thing? But it is a good show!

  • Oh really? I think the Big Bang Theory is hilarious! I never know when it’s on, though, so it’s luck of the draw as to whether I get to see it. Thanks for reminding me to put it on my list of things to get from the library.

  • Big Bang Theory? Dudes just like the title. That’s it. We also like “Sex and the City,” even if you leave the city completely out of it.

  • the first time i watched the Big Bang Theory i was not impressed. but seeing as Chuck Lorre created it, i gave it a second chance and am now totally into it.

    but i do get that damn theme song stuck in my head….THAT i hate! THAT needs to go away

  • Fortunately for you, I am a fan of both Will & Co., and tenfold, nay, benfold others like him! Miss. Cooper is one of my closest friends. And would you only say the word, I would tear Mr. Big Bang Theory into such small, bloody pieces, that he will wish he had remained a Hypothesis forever!

    I apologize. I am trying to break your heart:-( Still, I would be lying were I to say it wasn’t easy.

  • You aren’t in touch with your inner geek/nerd.

    @sra it’s on Monday night at 7 on CBS.

  • I married a musical idiot and music is SO important to me – I still can’t figure it out. He still asks me constantly, “WHO is this your listening to?” and then nods like he’s heard of them. Yeah – it’s the STONES buddy! Ha! Men … who can figure?

  • I like you Sarah, I do. But I think The Big Bang Theory is an acquired taste. You know, it’s sort of like eating dill pickles, the first bite makes you cringe but after that it’s not so bad. I didn’t like it when I first saw it but I watch some of the other shows that normally come on before and after it and so I watched a few of them and I actually started liking it. It’s not nearly as funny as The New Adventures of Old Christine or as witty and hilarious as Two and a Half Men but it’s pretty good!

    Broaden your horizons. Embrace your inner geek and watch it a few more times! :)


  • Does anyone remember Anderson Cooper from Channel 1 (before he was famous)? Also….Sarah, I have NO IDEA about this show Big Bang Theory? Anyway, my comment is really that my mouth won’t stop watering since I saw the Pizza House menu on your photos. Man, do I miss being able to eat there more than twice a year. You are sooo lucky!!!

  • the Big Bang Theory is aweful!!! It is only a gets better the more you watch it because you don’t expect it to be good and you know your IQ will drop while watching it.

  • I admit, I find it hard to believe he is unfamiliar with the Silver Fox…but…even that can be overlooked.

  • So.. what you’re saying is that he abuses you.. and you like it.

  • keep him for a little while. my new fling plays countless hours of wow. for some reason, in him, it’s cute.

  • Sometimes you find a good one where you least expect it…or at least he might be the one you least expect…I fucked that up. I don’t know…am I coming in semi-clear over here?

  • That’s too bad- you know, they can be trained-I don’t know how to do it, but I’ve heard.

  • I’m curious about this guy now…. what is his favorite reality program? does he know that Toad is broken up? What is the most average movie he has ever seen? Please come back with answers.

  • AK: My life is his favorite reality show. He probably has no idea who Toad is, and the most average movie he’s ever seen is Killer Drag Queens on Dope.

  • Never heard of Wilco!? Get rid of it. haha..

  • Ha I was just about to say the exact same thing that Suzanne just typed. Hah hah. Great minds thing alike.

  • Drop your new guy and take up with Jim Parsons. He’s brilliant.

  • I’m going to adamantly disagree with my sister. Keep it. I’m giggling for you.

  • What?! How does someone NOT know who Anderson Cooper 360 is? …yes, that SHOULD be his legal name..

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  • Aw, I love The Big Bang Theory…I’ve always had a thing for the geeky boys. How can anyone not be familiar with Anderson Cooper? Weird.

  • That is a lot of disturbing information in one post. He doesn’t know who Toad, BenFolds or Wilco is? I am about as geeky as they come and I hated the Bin Bang Theory. I can’t believe it is still on. And what is this nonsense that Toad broke up? No way that is true.

    And can I say who the fuck is this Trollpop person? My guess is John Wayne Gacy.

  • That pic of Loralee with your Daisy – ROCKS!!

  • Confession – I only know who Anderson Cooper is because I’ve recently taken up Kathy Griffin – My Life on the D-List as a hobby. She co-hosted NYE with him in Times Square. I’m learning so much from her. I wish Kathy Griffin and Tori Spelling were on all the time… I would never leave home…

  • While I am not, myself, a cowboy star nor lovable clown with a taste for children, I am deeply moved that Mr. Scott has likened me to either such famous American.

    Your welcome is worth more to me than silver.

  • Wait- Toad broke up?!!!!!

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