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Dating is hard, yo. And also, today’s allotted ‘that’s what she said’ joke.

I have doubts about people, and occasionally their sincerity. I wish that weren’t the case, but a previous boyfriend made sure he left me with a little something special. I wanted a ring from Tiffany & Co, but instead I got baggage.

You live. You learn. And apparently you doubt.

Everyone has been burned, so why do I think I’m the only one with a relationship covered cross to bear? Self centered, perhaps. I try not to doubt the people I date, but sometimes it’s easier to assume the worst rather than communicate. I’m all about communication, so the hypocrisy here is likely the reason I’ll be damned to relationship hell, but at least I’ll be warm there.

I’ve operated under the illusion that when the right guy came along this wouldn’t be the case, but that’s a little optimistic… especially for me. So now what? I mean besides a boatload of therapy.


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