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Dating Karma

I’m a strong believer in it.

A couple of years ago I met and briefly dated an incredible man. Flyboy was a brilliant and very sexy F16 pilot for the United States Air Force.  Dating military men isn’t typically my thing, but he and I had an amazing connection. We dated for a couple of months and it was fantastic.

Enter ex-boyfriend.

Ex and I had dated on and off for a few years and had the most passionate relationship of my life.  He came back into my life and professed his love for me.

Enter motherfucking complications.

I chose the complications.  I had to.  There was too much history to ignore and I knew if I didn’t I’d always have to live with that regret.  And I had enough regrets in my life.  So many, in fact, I named them after The Seven Dwarfs in Snow White.

Things didn’t work out between us.  They never do.  And I had to live with that stupid regret of walking away from a good thing.  That regret is called Dopey.

Yeah, yeah… water under the bridge, right?


My recent dating escapade ended in similar terms.  This time someone walked away from me. This does not bode well, but I’m attempting compassion as I’ve been in such a situation. This doesn’t make it any easier, in fact, it makes things more difficult because not only do I have to cope with this loss, but the past feelings have surfaced as well.

Needless to say, dating sucks.  And just in time for the holidays–which is where I found my silver lining: one less present to buy.  I’ll take the money and buy Dopey a silly holiday sweater.  He deserves it.


  • Dating is hard. It’s too hard, to be honest. It’s something that should be enjoyable, but in truth it’s almost always anything but. It’s like a 4-hour commercial for yourself, where you have to be just fake enough to impress the person you’re with, but not so fake as to throw them completely off in case there’s a second go. It’s like a balancing act.

    And if you think it’s hard being a girl, try dating as a guy. There are so many expectations that are impossible to live up to.

    I don’t think our species is really meant to fit together.

  • Dating comes easy to this ol’ oaf :-) Simply pick a sweet lady, such as thyself, and court her online for years! That we have gone strong now for five months and twelve glorious days is, to me, a miracle! True, intermittently you have found yourself dating “chocolate cake”, “is a bitch”, and even “karma”. Yet these three gentlemen have never frightened me in the least, knowing full well that you would return to your first love, your knight in Jangling armor. And I will be waiting, with arms and legs outstretched in welcome greeting :-)!

  • sorry hon.

    I just went back into the dating pool so I’m sure I’ll be right there with you soon. At least I’ll have some classic stories.. because I always do in regards to men and me.

  • Ah yes, the incredibly passionate but ever volatile on-again-off-again relationships. Been there. I understand how impossible it is to let these things go. You know they will ultimately fail, but you pursue them because you have to. You just do.


  • Dating is a stressful activity. Too many X factors. But, it can be worth it. don’t give up!

  • Here. This might cheer you up. It’s PINK! (And I’m not making fun of your hair color.)


  • I feel your pain as dating will always suck. I admire the positive outlook (the gift giving) as I will be 33 next week and have no options to buy for, not even Dopey.

  • Dating is difficult only when you make the same mistakes, over and over again. Women have a tendency not to think, but to feel and make decisions based on that, along with lots of hope. Key word here is HOPE.

    In my experience, HOPE is fleeting, unreliable and based on … nothing but our internal desires. If we look EXternally for once, we’ll find something more tangible than HOPE. Things like observation and history. Based on these two, we could easily come up with a better hypothesis on what the result will be. But Love isn’t that clinical. And after all, we are women … so Hope, along with Romance and Dreams become our preferred companions. And when Disappointment comes along with his friend Hurt…well, we cant say it was unexpected, can we?

  • Aw…so sorry. That sucks. If it makes you feel better, I’d totally date you, and I’m not normally into women!

  • Dating can suck…we’ve all been there. Relationships in general can suck–and often do! Why do we have to wade through all this crap? Damned if I know–but it least it gives us a good excuse to drink wine.

    Feel better bloggy frined. :)

  • I agree sweetcheeks!! Dating Karma is a bitch!! It has bitten me in the ass a couple of times too.. ;)

  • that last one was from me

  • Meh, there are worse things than being alone.

  • OMG! I feel your pain and I have to totally agree with you, dating sucks big donkey balls. I’ll commiserate with you anytime on that fact. I’ve gone through very similar situation…I can relate!

  • Sorry…that’s hard.

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