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Death Threats and Chocolate

When I found out Kelli was coming to Utah for a visit I begged her bring me some Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar. When I say I begged… I’m totally lying. The truth is I threatened her. The conversation went something like this:

“If you don’t bring me some sugar crack I will murder you in your sleep and steal all your cute clothes.”

“NOOOOO, not my clothes!”

Which, at the time, I thought was really weird because it’s not like a dead girl can wear all those clothes.

Since Kelli is a good friend (or scared shitless of death) she brought me the sugar crack.

This is what my sugar crack SHOULD look like:

Doesn’t that stuff look amazing? Yeah.. not this time:

She left them in the car once she arrived in Utah, where they melted. Kelli, THE GIRL WHO LIVES IN A YEAR ROUND WARM CLIMATE, forgot the dangers of leaving chocolate in the sun. Sigh…


  • Is it bad that that still looks totally amazing to me? I say pour a glass of wine, grab a spoon (and knife, if needed), and get down to business!

  • Hmmmm, if it tastes the same I think you should forgive her, but still take her clothes.

  • Ok, so they’re not exactly the same thing, but crack is crack, no matter what form it comes in. I would pull that big ole chunk right out of that box and gnaw the hell out of it.

    And because I need to vent, could they PUH-LEEZE stop running the Reese’s Eggs commercials? Seriously!! I can only take so much before I go buy a six-pack and inhale it in three minutes flat.

    Thanks, I feel better.

  • Bet they’re still good. And if not, you can always threaten Scott to bring some when he arrives in 2 weeks. And I’m such sucker when it comes to clothes….

  • Yum! Trader Joes just opened in Va. I will have to get some.

  • You sure she didn’t let it all melt on purpose so she could eat some and leave it looking like that in the hopes you wouldn’t be able to say otherwise?? Heheheh Soundsl like her way of getting back for the threats. 🙂

  • I actually snorted at that picture.

  • Well, you didn’t get exactly what you wanted. But maybe you got what you need. The feeling that it’s not all about you.If it were you just might be spoiled rotten.

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