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Democrats in the Bedroom

The apartment I rent is currently being reroofed. It’s been a nightmare since day one when the roofers accidentally punched a hole in my bedroom ceiling. It’s definitely made for an interesting week.

My friend Maddie was in my living room changing her clothes when she noticed a man on my balcony. This was disconcerting for so many reasons, but number one being that he wasn’t watching her change. If there’s going to be a strange man standing on my balcony I want him there because he’s peeking in my windows and thinking to himself, “Damn that lady looks hot for 32!”

The noise level has driven my neurotic dog under my bed in an attempt to muffle the noise level. Last night, when trying to coax her out, I noticed she’s been hoarding items under my bed for safekeeping. The stuffed animals and dog bones I understood, but the roof shingles, rusty nails and gum wrappers didn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’m a tad curious to see what other objects the valley winds may blow into my bedroom before the hole is fixed. I’m hoping for a sexy man who cleans bathrooms and pours wine, but I’m worried the only man who could fit through the hole would be Dennis Kucinich. And as much as I love a Democrat in my bedroom, I’d have to pass.


  • That is totally funny…and too bad all at the same time. I’m sorry to hear about your…uh…hole. I hope it is all done snowing in your neck of the woods!

  • Yeah, what’s wrong with that guy? He totally should have been checking out Maddie. She’s hot as hell, yo.

  • Sarah, you need to get Google Adsense (or blogads). I don’t know if you will make a lot of money, but you will make some. Maybe even enough to move out of your brother’s place.

  • I too was wondering why no ads on this site. If nothing else it will pay for your hosting fees.

    Google is okay, but there’s got to be better ad networks out there. Maybe you could even get local sponsors.

  • No ads! I would totally understand if you put up ads, but it’s so nice to be on a page without an agenda.

    I too had a new roof put on my loft apartment last year. It was horrible. I didn’t have a hole, but I did have dried tar pieces dropping all over, when I vacuumed my bedroom after it was over it sounded like I was trying to clean up a dirt road. Everything was covered in tiny rocks and fine black powder, I still find it in the corners.

    I love your blog, started reading it from a Dooce link, what is it with former Mormon’s in Utah? I love them!

  • Barack Obama, another story. I think he’s hot. Or even John Edwards. But Kucinich…I’m with you there. Yuck.

  • Haha poor doggie. That sounds like totally normal behaviour to me – my dog does that all the time.

    Dont talk to me about neurotic dogs – we got a new washing machine last night and my dog sat in front of it for an entire hour – absolutely amazed by the different noises it was making =o) THATS neurotic/crazy.

    Hope the re-roofing is over and done with quickly!

  • Ah so this is where you went. I was wondering why bloglines had you silent for so long.

    I’m a bad blog reader.

  • I think you should definitely repost the dating years column links! I’ve really been wanting to read them since I saw your site!

  • You shouldn’t be too quick to pass up Kucinich. He must have some thing going for him because he managed to get a pretty hot young wife. :)

  • I agree with ‘lostinutha’… Mr Obama… hmmmm…

  • Amen for Obama…I too am sorry for the hole in your wall. Hopefully Maddie has gotten through the trauma, and the man on the balcony has realized he is lucky he didn’t get pushed off.

  • Whereas AG is a big fan of Chelsea in her bedroom…

  • Don’t knock Kucinich – a profile of him published in a major corporate media newspaper a few months ago – described him as the “happiest presidential candidate” and pointed out that BOTH he and his young-enough-to-be-his-daughter wife have tongue studs.

    And speaking of attractive presidential candidates who won’t ever be elected, there’s a wonderful computer-animated Ron Paul 60 second long campaign video at


    What’s attractive is not so much his craggy face, but his ideas – let’s not try to run the world. It wouldn’t be so good for the military industrial congressional financial corporate media complex (MICFiC), but the rest of us would be a lot better off.

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