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Distractions come and go, but medication lasts forever… well with the right pharmacist. Speaking of which, I need to date a pharmacist.

Work has been incredibly busy lately. I’m not complaining… busy means profitable and working for a profitable ad agency is the key to my paycheck.

Busy is typically shadowed by stress. I work better under stress, but I have a harder time focusing than usual. Focus has always been a struggle for me. My mind is always in 20 places at once.

This isn’t schizophrenia people; this is called creativity.

Having problems focusing is bad enough in a normal situation, but when you work with nerds it’s far worse. If you follow my Twitter feed you know that nerd distractions are a constant battle, but also the best part of my day.

Last week I made a conscience effort to stay focused during a meeting. I tried to explain to an especially active nerd what I needed him NOT to do.

“OK, no pen clicking, humming, leg tapping or weird arm movements in this meeting please.”

“Sarah, you really need to work on your distraction techniques.”

“You not bugging the shit out of me IS my distraction technique.”

He looked at me like I’d just melted his favorite Star Wars action figure. The guilt was just too much.

“Fine. You can click your pen, but no more than four times.”

I’m pretty sure he clicked his pen a total of 27 times… not that was counting or anything. In related news, I’m making a trip to the store soon, you know, to find silent pens and a vat of red wine laced with Valium.


  • Rumor has it there is a hot pharmacist at Harmons… twittter talks about it and its a rumor all around work. I’ll investigate for you and see what I can do . 😀

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