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Do Not Try This at Home

Last week a friend told me something very peculiar about his female roommate: she shaves her legs one day at a time. Yes, you read that correctly. To save time she shaves one leg, and then the next leg the following day. I was perplexed.

And admittedly, very curious.

So I tried it. I could see the appeal; I’m always late for work anyway, so less time in the shower sounded like a good idea at the time. But it so, so wasn’t.

I got to work and immediately lost my mind. I’m OCD about the weirdest things. And as it turns out, leg hair is one of those things. I need both legs to feel exactly the same, whether it’s stubby or smooth.

I canceled my lunch plans and headed straight home. I jumped in the tub, shaved one leg, and then the other. You know, for good measure–the last thing I wanted was to get back to work and be able to feel a four hour hair growth difference.

I vow to never attempt hippie grooming habits again, no matter how efficient they may be!


  • THIS is a great idea. I’m going to try it out.

  • In high school, I would shave my lower legs up to the knee one day, and then the next day I’d do my upper thighs. I liked it, cause it takes FAR too long to shave the whole leg. (And that’s a problem for me, because I kind of don’t like being wet, so the quicker the shower the better.)

    These days I pretty much neglect my legs in the winter, shaving once every month or so. In the summer I’m not much better, cause I generally wear pants (I think shorts are pretty much a bad idea for most people), but I try to shave when I wear capris.

    This was probably all more information than necessary.

  • I have never understood the way people talk about this, like it’s such a huge giant project. Likewise, I remember thinking when I went to a high school dance, I’m gonna spend the whole day getting ready. Nope. It took an hour, tops. I’m not complaining–just saying.

  • This would driving me totally insane.

  • The girl Sarah that writes these blogs tries to make herself and her writing seem entertaining when in fact we are all laughing at her because the only person she’s really entertaining is herself.. (notice the number of comments) Maybe if you’d say something nice you’d have more friends/fans.
    Yes Sarah, I have met you in person.. you are a bitch in life the same as you are on my computer screen.
    Thank you for giving me a place to publically let you know what we all think of you.
    Have a nice day :)

  • AK: you would!

    SRA: winter leg hair keeps you warm, right?

    lisa b: it really doesn’t take me long, i just wanted to try it.

    pants: yup.

    anon: we all know the number of comments is not a indicator of your blog traffic. i’ve always claimed to be a bitch so this really isn’t news, now is it? thanks for the feedback and i hope you get the hug today you so obviously need. thanks for reading!!

  • At least you don’t work at the zoo.

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