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Doomed from the Heart

Yesterday I received the third best compliment of my life.

“Sarah, if I was Noah and I had to pick just a few people for the new world, I’d include you.”

Nice right?

Well, of course, I decided to steal it and brand it as my own. I’m going to start telling people if I were Noah I’d never, ever pick them for my ark. In fact, I may even use it in my next breakup.

It’s not you; it’s me. I just can’t picture us on an ark together.

Perfect right?

Speaking of breakups. I recently had one of the most amicable breakups of my life. I’m starting to see a relationship pattern here. I date someone for three months. Month one is spent in complete adoration. Month two is spent picking them apart and month three is spent trying to figure out how to break things off.

Obviously I’m broken, but this was doomed from the start. He was a great guy, but not the great guy for me. We wanted different things in life.

PLUS, he didn’t know me at all, which was obvious when he sent me this text message:

Sarah, I just found something that belongs to you!heart bra break up

It didn’t.

I was so upset he thought I was the kind of girl who would own a cheap, heart print bra. That is not at all Sarah. If I had to have a design on my bra it would be pugs or wine bottles.



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