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Dream Hubby

I’m 32 and single. Which makes zero sense because I’m quite fabulous. Sometimes a giant pain in the ass, but I’m convinced it’s really quite adorable. So why am I single you ask? GOOD QUESTION! I’d like to think it has nothing to do with my issues and is really a matter of not meeting the right guy. Although, I finally figured out whom the “right guy” is! You’re dying to know, are you?

Well, there is a couple that would fit the bill. I know, I know. The more the merrier, right? But for this post there is one in particular—one perfect man for me. The only problem is he doesn’t actually exist outside of television–The “Gilmore Girls” to be specific. Yes, I’m fully aware of my unhealthy obsession with this show. Fuck off. I don’t care one little bit!

Luke Danes is my dream man!

I love him soooooo much I could totally overlook the flannel and backwards baseball cap, because he cooks AND makes a killer cup coffee. Enough said.
Man of Sarah's Dreams!

Isn’t he like totally dreamy and purrrrr-fect for me? Now that my future TV husband is decided I should quit putting of my school research paper by watching re-runs on the family channel and get to work.


  • “Why are you still single?” is THE stupidest, lamest question EVER. (forgive my poor grammar.) Obviously it’s because the right man has yet to come along! I too am “still single” and get asked that all the time.

    Luke Danes will discover your fabulousness soon enough.

    Found you via GEORGE! whom I discovered via Dooce, and I quite enjoy your writing.


  • there is no such thing as unhealthy obsession with the gilmore girls. it’s all perfectly healthy. so there.

  • But remember how Luke completely neglected his relationship with Lorelei because he couldn’t figure out how to include her in his life with his newly discovered daughter? And because of that, she slept with Christopher and complete madness ensued. You don’t want a guy who’s so unbalanced that he can’t figure out how to have familial relationships and lover relationships at the same time do you?

  • Some of my best friends are obsessed with Gilmore Girls. But this guy needs to shave, doesn’t he?

    Why are you still single? You need to get your ass back to THE church and hang out at a singles ward.

  • I too am 32 and single and also obsessed with Luke. It’s okay to admit; and I don’t drink coffee so you’d probably win the fight if there was one over him 🙂

  • I’ll bet he likes NASCAR. Hee hee.

  • Next time we hang out I need to borrow season one!

  • There is a distinct lack of testosterone in your comments. I shall be the voice of reason and say that there’s nothing wrong with being single and 32. I’m single and considerably older than 32, but I suppose it’s more accepted for a guy. Personally, I have a lot of respect for a girl who didn’t fall for some traditional or cultural nonsense and is honest about what she wants. Even if he is an imaginary TV character who does need a shave. And a new shirt. And probably some hair (hence the baseball cap).


  • I totally love Luke Danes. My husband is quite jealous of my love for him.

    PS I just found your site and I think you are awesome.

  • I like to think I have something to do with your GG obsession. But I have to admit I’ve never really had a thing for luke, I like him but if I were Loralei I would have stayed with christopher. I miss that show.

  • If I weren’t already married, I would totally marry you.

  • ok, i think we need to hang out. all day long i work with Fellows (doctors who are almost attendings) and they are very sweet, kind, wealthy, and single. the reason for this is because they are on call all of the time… but you seem pretty independant so this could work out.


  • Yes, we could be friends. Very good friends. I just stumbled onto your site but the minute I read you stating the the hills was real and Luke Danes was your dream man I knew. I was hanging out with a potential boyfriend the other day and he asked me what it was that girls liked about Gilmore Girls. I stated that it was all things good, he pressed, I got flustered (you know the story.) I ended up blurting out that Gilmore Girls gave me unrealistic expectations in love and damn it, thats ok. I sounded…awesome.

  • You can have Luke if I can have Jess. 🙂
    And why are you watching reruns?? Get the DVDs and watch like 3 episodes a night while you make and eat dinner…just a suggestion…not like I do that or anything…

  • Here’s a quick cure to Lukemania, which was affecting me as well: watch “Aliens in America.”

    So. Not. Hot. Anymore.

  • I’m refusing to take Nina’s comment seriously because I don’t want to cure my lukemania, having said that I never watched the final season of gilmore girls because the sixth season caused me to start drinking, which is a perfect way to pretend that whole Luke.Lorelai,April.Christopher.sixth season thing never happened.

    I can just go on living in the finale of season five when everything was perfect in Stars HOllow…it is not make believe..don’t even go there.

  • Hi Sarah, found you through that video you did with Dooce & Jon. Love your site, very funny.

  • I see him here in West Hollywood at the grocery store from time to time. I’m pretty sure he is gay – and not very nice. But, I think you mean the character and not the actor so it’s really no biggie. At least not to someone who thinks “the Hills” is not scripted 😉

  • I have the same type of “love” for Jack, from Men in Trees. Makes me want to move to Alaska!

  • Gilmore Girls RULES!!!

    The day that series ended was the day television died. I hope Don McLean writes a song about it.

    And plus, it feels wrong seeing Sookie on a different tv show acting like an obsessive psychopath… even though that show is pretty good too.

  • This was posted during my week off, but I hate to inform you that I am mrs. backwards baseball cap. EHEM.

  • There is no measure of Gilmore Girls that is unhealthy. Gilmore Girls is wonderful and because I am happily married I can be gracious and happily pass the hunky Luke Danes over to you. But you have to share lots of stories about him, okay?

    -A new fan (Squeegie Beckenheim)

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