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Dreams are Fired

I had the craziest dream last night. I blame the piece of chocolate cake I had right before bed. I was at some random hotel in Amsterdam. Why Amsterdam? Probably because that’s where some of my weirdest blog comments have been coming from lately. The Yuppie and Marky were also staying in this hotel.

For some reason my front tooth fell out. Yuppie wouldn’t take me to the dentist because we were in a foreign country and he’d never read a biography on the dental work there. If you knew him you’d know that part could totally be true. I found Marky and begged him to take me to a dentist but he kept telling me to go back to bed so he could put money under my pillow. In this dream he was really into Euros, disturbingly so. I tried calling Rlo multiple times but just like in real life he wouldn’t answer his phone. Jerk.

I got mad at both of them and tried to walk home. Obviously that didn’t work and I ended up in a library, where I checked out multiple books on dental work. When I got back to the hotel and gave the books to The Yuppie he looked at me and said, “Sarah you know I’m very anti-TV and your tooth falling out is a direct result of your reality television habits. So I suggest either calling one of your TV friends for help, or just going toothless and become one with your inner NASCAR self.”

I woke up super pissed at The Yuppie and my subconscious. If I’m going to be in Amsterdam you’d think I’d at least make my way into a hash café, but oh nooooo.


  • I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

  • so I’m the tooth fairy?! I, uh, *really* don’t know where to go with this….

  • Man, I hate dreams where teeth fall out. I think my subconscious is super worried about losing teeth. In my dreams, they usually begin to disintegrate tooth by tooth until it feels like I have sand in my mouth, and I can never spit it all out. It’s terrible.

  • supposedly losing teeth in dreams symbolizes uneasiness with one’s appearance. Losing teeth is one of my top 10 most recurring dreams…uhh hello internet… i’m insecure!

  • Sra -

    I have that same dream and was just telling Sarah about it after reading her post! Ughh, it’s so creepy.

  • I’m going to have to agree with Dream Yuppie: you should become one with your inner NASCAR. As a NASCAR fan, you don’t even need front teeth.

  • I’ve had a few dreams where all of my teeth rotted and fell out of my mouth. Creepiest. Feeling. Ever.

  • Stacey: Thanks and welcome!

    Mark: Go to the bank with it. Bwahhh-hahaha!

    SRA: This is my first tooth dream and hopefully my last.

    Keisha: Whatevs.

    Yuppie: What’s with you people and your creepy teeth dreams? Can’t you dream about shoes and chocolate like I do?

    AK: I think it’s sooo cute that Yuppie is YOUR Dream Yuppie. You’ll live happily ever after. I’ll bring him for BFF night.

    Emily: Seriously, I’m never having this dream again. Too icky.

  • I’ve been dreaming that I started dancing at strip clubs and waking up very disturbed and confused.

  • I’m with the Yuppie. Come over to the dark side!!! NASCAR rules!

    P.S. I have teeth. Nice straight white ones too. And a college degree. Just sayin’.

  • Speaking of medical care in foreign countries, when I got sick in Peru, the doctor there gave me several random prescriptions.

    When I got back to the US, I showed my family doctor the prescriptions I filled there, and he had never heard of any of them. We did some Google work and figured out the US name for one of them, but the other two are still a mystery to this day.

  • I have dreamed multiple times about my teeth falling out. What does it mean??? (oh just read previous comments. insecurity about appearance….? hmm i think more for me because pain and depression are involved usually, as well as hopelessness)

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