I love hearing from readers, not as much as I love wine, but a VERY close second!


Drinking is really the only way to overcome Blogher anxiety. Seriously. I bet there are studies and everything.

Last year I wanted to attend BlogHer, but didn’t. I was so worried I wouldn’t fit in. I’m not a mommy blogger and many of the sessions were parental themed because lots of attendees are moms.

What if we have nothing in common? Yeah, I’m an idiot like that. I have a lot of things in common with them. We all have a vagina and blogs for example.

This year I ignored all my fears and decided to go. Plus I finally found a silver lining to hanging out all weekend with thousands of moms. Are you ready for this? Moms are flask insurance.


It’s brilliant really. Every mom I know has a bottle, or sippy cup somewhere in the bottom of a purse. Bingo! Sippy cup o’ vodka: it’s the must have drink for this year’s conference. The first thing I’m going to do when I arrive Thursday is beg my mommy roomies, Loralee and Sandi, to let me dig through their purses.

Now, whose purse has the vodka? Seriously, WHO? I want to meet you.

Actually I want to meet everyone, but vodka purses have priority. That’s the kind of bag that takes the edge off, which I’ll need because large crowds freak me out.


  • Sarah, only you would find the secret hidden at the bottom of the nappy bag in a bottle labled “Gripe Water”!! SHHHHH don’t tell everyone our secert! How is it you think all mammies cope with the product of our loins?

    Have a great time at BlogHer! Wish I was there to get in to mischief with you!

  • Wow…I read so much about Blogher being stressful and ovedrwhelming. I wonder why we vagina bloggers are so self conscious. We all blog, some are better than others but we all do it in some form or another. Some are sober when they blog, some are medicated (me)…I wish I could go meet all of these creative women. I wonder if I would be nervous…yeh problee! Have fun, and take care of Loralee, she seems a mess and needs a kiss.

  • I always thought the sippy cups were to disguise wine as grape juice. I guess vodka works too.

    Good luck! Way to represent all us non-mommies out there!

  • I just got sober, like two days ago. I am on the wagon girl friend. I may just snuggle with you and smell your breath for a minute. Do you mind?

  • Still pissed you didn’t come last year.

  • It was so nice to have met you during “Speed Dating” and Im glad you came this year!! See ya in 2010 in NY??

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