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Drinking with Pugs

I’m a sucker for dive bars, so when we found a dive bar named after pugs in Georgetown I knew I’d love it. And I did, until the bartender told me about the special spiced cider they were serving.

“What’s in the spiced cider exactly?”

“It’s regular apple cider laced with rum.”


“Yup, laced.”

I had no idea what to say so I sat there awkwardly silent for a moment, until he spoke again, “Oh, yeah, maybe laced was a bad choice of words.  We don’t want people thinking they’re going to get drugged in here.”

“How about infused with rum?”

“No, that’s way too much fancy talk.”

“Fine.  Can I get a vodka tonic, please?”


  • If you like THAT drink, may I recommend the perfect “warm the cockles of your heart” drink – perfect for a cold snowy winter’s night in SLC.

    Oregon Sugar-free Chai (or NOT sugar-free)
    Appleton Rum

    Add 1/3 cup chai to 1/3 cup milk. Zap in microwave for 2-2/1 minutes. Whip or froth it up. Then add Rum (measurement depends on mood) Ahhhhhh…….

  • I love it!

    I too am a sucker for that type of bar.

    Shit….now I feel like having a drink..and it is only :45 AM.


  • Hmmmm I wouldn’t drink that either, not because it’s laced with anything, but because I hate cider.

  • the apple cider sounded good, even laced. ha ha ha

  • You single gals, you’re more hep to the dangers of being drugged. I wouldn’t have even flinched at the word “laced”. I still wouldn’t have ordered it though, as it’s my “every morning on the way to work in the winter” drink. I like to go exotic when I’m out.

  • Except that The Pug is on H St NE, which is pretty much the opposite of Georgetown. Wylie, indeed….

  • Linden X: In case you didn’t read my earlier blog this was my first trip to D.C., which means it’s not so easy to keep track of which part of town I was in. I can barely remember my local bars.

  • Ya, the put is definitely NOT in Georgetown..that would be gross. I love that they have cheesy poofs for free at your disposal.

    Basically, a rule of thumb, nothing in Georgetown is cool.

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