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Easter Drunk-day

Look at what the Easter Bunny brought me today:

Only it was actually Susan that gave it to me, and she gave it to me last week, not today. So really my Easter is a giant lie, but thanks to Susan calling me a bitch it will be a drunk one!

I didn’t make it to the country thanks to a broken water pump in my car. Thankfully I have a brother who is more than happy to fix it for me. Yay for family, even if you don’t end up spending Easter Sunday with them.


  • Hooray for Susan providing drunkenness. Lucky.
    I remember when I had a brother who fixed stuff for me, good brothers are hard to come by!

  • Susan is the best! I got a Bitch wine for my birthday!

  • ” The pump don’t work, cause the vandals stole the handle.”

  • ive had that wine before. its not bad at all.

  • I just recently found that at a wine store near my place and though I’m not a Grenache fan, I actually liked it enough to buy some bottles and give as gifts to my favorite girls here in Chi. I love the pink and brown label scheme, it goes really well with drunk.

  • i got a bottle of wine on easter, too! but it was actually on easter, haha.

  • A drunk easter is a good easter in my book. Um, is that real wine? Because I’d like a case please.

  • Makes you wonder where the Bitch vineyard is located and if they pay well. You know, for the local bitches who work there.

  • RockandCookies: Good brothers are hard to come by, but I would trade two brothers for a Sarah version of a Daniel.

    Jessica: That she is! It’s way too cute to drink. UNLESS I can salvage the label and frame it.

    Mikey: I have no idea what you’re talking about and I refuse to Google it! Ha. I win.

    Discotrash: Debating on opening it or carrying it around for life.

    Windy City: “Goes really well with drunk.” I love it!!

    Erin: Lucky bitch. See what I just did there? Yeah, I pretty much rock. And stuff.

    Pooba: It is indeed real wine. Come over and have a glass. Or three.

    Andi: Can someone say vacay??

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