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Evil Has a First Name

Sometimes I think the Internet loves RLO more than they love me.  The majority of my email lately has been questions about him.  He’s stealing my thunder.  Bastard.

In typical jealous girl fashion I present you with a list of RLO facts that may cause you all to love him a little less, and me a whole lot more.

1)    RLO is moody.  Not moody all the time like I am, but if he doesn’t get his sleep he’s a pissy little bitch.

2)    RLO plays the piano.  Sure, one may believe that’s a good trait, but the only songs I’ve ever heard him play are Billy Joel.  Also, his piano is in his bedroom, which makes me wonder who exactly he is wooing into his bed.

3)    RLO hates Daisy.  I have no idea how anyone could hate that sweet, little innocent pug. Sure she farts up a storm and barks at him, but she’s only barking because he hates her.  Yesterday when we were outside with her, he told her there were treats in the road.  Who tries to lure a dog onto a very busy street?  A horrible person, that’s who.

Obviously RLO is an evil man. I’m doing everyone a favor by befriending him–keeping him busy keeps him from ruining the world.  That almost makes me a super hero, right?  Saving the world is very important business.  If I’m not acquiring super hero status, I at least deserve some sort of prize, or medal for my heroic actions.  Something sparkly and pink will do.


  • does rlo know about your blog? does he read it? would he ever comment? maybe he has, and i am just not remembering it.

    and who could hate daisy! really!

  • While I don’t know RLO, anybody who could hate Daisy must be out to systematically ruin the world and that’s proof enough that RLO must be evil incarnate.

  • All heroic actions should be rewarded with shoes:

  • Well, I don’t care what anybody else says. I love you waaaaay more than RLO. Do you know how hard it was for me to be out in the middle of nowhere for a week and not be able to check in here every day?! Vacation on the lake or not, I was having serious Sarah withdrawls. Glad to be back. :)

  • Does RLO have a blog of his own? Can I have the link? (Kidding)

  • Hmmm…I was previously Pro-RLO….now I fear, my feelings may have been shifted.

  • RLO Sucks!! Just kidding, he is cute, sweet and a good friend to you! Oh, but he hates Daisy? Unforgivable! Get rid of him or at least let Daisy bite him. :)

  • RLO needs a time out.

  • This message is 80% authorized by RLO:

    I do read Sarah’s blog, and frankly I’m much gayer than she gives me credit for. Why else would I drive her around on a pink scooter?

    I’m not the evil one in my friendship with Sarah. I’m the innocent bystander who lets her plan out my life, including a marriage back-up plan. Obviously I’m a very nice guy and should be your favorite, not that crazy bitch.

  • Any person who couldn’t love that one eyed precious little farting machine is just crazy.

    The main reason I NEVER had a pug was I heard nightmare stories about anal gland compression. **little throw up in my mouth** So for that reason alone I’ll give RLO a pass on this one.

    The fact that he’s saying he is gayer than you give him credit for is somewhat a thumbs up also. What man, in their right and straight mind would say such a thing? He loves you Sarah! And no matter what he says, he loves little Daisy! But you’ll always be way cooler in my book.

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