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Exploding Heart

This morning I awoke to cold feet touching me, specifically my niece Hannah’s little, cold feet. (I know, I was hoping for a hot man, too!)

When I asked why she was in bed with me, her answer guaranteed my undying affection for life. “Aunt Sarah I need to be close to you because of all the love in my heart, or it could explode.”

Why can’t I find a man to say such sweet things to me?!


  • I think only gay men and latin men say things like that.

  • She deserves your undying affection! That’s so cute! Can I borrow her?

  • co-adoration. you are so lucky.

  • Hilarious! Kids do say the darndest things.

    To let you know how my 4 year old son’s mind works, one day my wife found a piece of her jewelery (which he knows he isn’t suppose to touch) in his secret hiding place in his bedroom (i.e. the bottom of a klennex box). She asked him why he took it and he said: “I wanted something to remember you by in case you died last night”

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