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Exploiting Easter

I’m headed to the country this weekend to spend Easter with my parents!

My friend Kelli is visiting her parents so I’m excited to see her and the Easter Bunny both. I hope she has the good sense to also give me presents. She’s competitive enough I can totally picture her trying to beat the Easter Bunny.

Speaking of which, I sent the below email to my Mother in an attempt to trick her into doing my grocery shopping. I have a sneaking suspicion she’ll see right through my facade. I also suspect she’ll do it anyway, because she’s just that amazing.

Dear Mom,

I’m coming home for Easter this year. I probably won’t go to church with you on Sunday, but I’d still like to celebrate. So if you’ll kindly place the following items in a pink Easter basket:

A bottle of vitamins
A bottle of melatonin
Toilet paper
Diet tonic water
Green grapes
Cheddar cheese
Zit cream
Baked tofu
Wheat Thins
Peach Fresca

These items won’t seem very Easter-ish to you, so if you want to throw in Easter candy I wouldn’t be opposed. I love you, and can’t wait to see you!!



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