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Families and 'Your Mom' Jokes are Forever

My darling grandmother just had her 80th birthday. To celebrate we went to the country for a picnic in the park. I drove with my brother, Matt, and his kids. When Matt ran into a gas station for a drink I quizzed Carter to see if he remembered how to tell ‘your mom’ jokes. The last time didn’t go so well, but now I think he’s getting the hang of it:


  • your mom always wins.

  • I miss you. And Carter is super cute.

  • Haha, you have such a cool connection with those kids. They’re lucky to have an aunt like you :)

  • He’s adorable!!! Wait until he turns 16 and starts driving and has girls calling him and he’s all “Andi, I’m not a kid anymore, I’m a man!” and you feel like you’re 900 years old and you can’t even remember the last time he gave you a hug, except that in your head he’s only 6 years old, and…

    Sorry, what were we talking about?

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