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Farts are the New Waterboarding

Daisy is going to get a big dose of healthy this week, thanks to Anna at Puppenschnoodles!

Anna read my MANY messages on Twitter about Daisy’s sick tummy and was kind enough to contact me to offer her advice on a more holistic approach to Daisy’s rotten ass.  This includes natural dog foods, which don’t contain icky chicken guts, and a special puppy supplement. If you’re having your own dog issues I’d strongly suggest contacting her.

I’m excited to try this natural route, and frankly it works perfectly because I always suspected Daisy was a hippie; ever since that time at the Liberty Park drum circle when she put on a tie die skirt and danced while chanting to the moon goddess.

I’m very much hoping this solves the toxic gas problem we’ve got going on.  I am not kidding when I say Daisy farts could be used as a torture device.  However, if I come home one day to a pug dog who is begging me for dreadlocks,  I’m going to be very upset.


  • For the love of god, dreadlocks are disgusting, but not as disgusting as your dog’s ass. And your incessant need to talk about it.

  • A friend of mine has two pugs and feeds them natural stuff. Unfortch their asses still sink to high heaven. I think its a pug thing.

  • I suspect Daisy will be asking for the pet-chouli soon.

  • wondering if they make wool socks and Birkenstocks for puppies…

  • Awesome. I was eating when I read this.I actually managed to gag a little. Took a bite of my toast as I read “chicken guts” and remembered a fart my cat had done in my face yesterday. Coming to this blog is starting to get a bit too real for me. Haha. Love it.

  • I wonder if they have anything like that for cats.

  • Kate: They do!! I saw all sorts of cat products while at my local health food store today.

  • I can tell a definite difference based on what my pug eats…typically sensitive stomach stuff.
    When he eats my food…it is worse though.
    It was also better when I gave him yogurt…now he just gets yogurt treats…because I am uber lazy.

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