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Father's Day 2008

Fathers Day this year wasn’t quite as happy as years past. The only home life my beloved niece and nephew have known ended over the weekend when their mommy moved out.

Our family met at Matt’s house for a BBQ.  Ben and I walked in to find my nephew, Carter, laying on the floor where the couch once was with his baby blanket.  My dad had warned me it was going to be a rough day for everyone, and he has never been so right.

Carter was pretty upset by the ordeal. He’s such a tender little guy and seeing him so sad, and knowing I couldn’t help him broke my heart. Ben, on the other hand, was thrilled. Not because he’s a horrible person and enjoys family pain, but because Carter was so upset he let Ben hold him. This is a very rare occurrence.

Hannah, was her cheerful self and informed me she is way luckier than I am because she has two houses and I don’t have any. I didn’t pour my Diet Coke on her head, and instead gave her a new shirt from Mrs. AK and Little AK. She was ecstatic when I told her they had bought one for me as well. “Aunt Sarah, I want to help throw Uncle Mean (Ben) away.”


When the divorce is final I think I’ll throw my brother a fresh meat themed party. I plan to only serve bacon and invite hookers. He wasn’t keen on the hookers, but agreed on strippers. “You know for Ben’s enjoyment.”


  • Sorry about your bro’s marriage. Divorce is difficult when kids are involved. I would have gone with the hookers.

  • The good thing is that they’re young. My son was 5 when his dad and I got divorced, and it was tough at first, but it definitely got easier with time and a lot of ice cream.

    Now he brags that he’s got two dads.

    Please send them hugs from us.

  • Oh my, I just got a little weepy with the baby blanket comment. That’s rough.

    Hugs to the little twins.

    Hookers rock!

  • Now mind you, I don’t know what their marriage is/was like and that no matter when she moved out, it still would have been hard but moving out Father’s Day weekend? Seems kind of harsh.

  • A fresh meat party: that is hilarious!

  • I’ve been directed to come here from a cyber friend Christy at Heavy on the Caffeine- and so glad I follow directions!

    I think you are who I wished I were and who I thought I would end up (in my parallel universe before the husband and 4 kids started weighing me down, that is).

    Love the idea for the party!

  • Came over from Christy’s and added you to my reader :) LOVE the shirt and would like to know where to find one, please…

  • I’m sorry to hear about your niece & nephew having to deal with their parents getting divorced. I’m sure that isn’t easy, but what an awesome aunt (and uncle) they have to help them through it. I hope my own kids would be so lucky if they were going through a difficult time. On a positive note, I sent all of my 2 readers over here–did I hook you up or what?

  • Sorry to hear about divorce. It is rough on kids. Bacon and hookers do seem like an appropriate way to acknowledge the event…

    I love Hannah’s shirt…

  • Not keen on hookers? Well that just seems kind of odd to me.

  • Luckily those cutie kids have such a cool Aunt Sarah!

    p.s. I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for my invite to this awesome Fresh Meat Party!

  • Cute kids! Sorry for their pain.
    Divorce is cruel.

    I heard the NKOTB singing Summertime on the radio today.
    Woo hoo!

    Awesome song!

  • That’s really horrible that those kids have to go through this. It really makes me sad.

    Also, I know of many delicious ways to serve bacon. I think that’s an awesome theme for a party.

  • I’ve got a great recipe for pig candy … mmm … bacon!

  • Hi just linked to you from christyc and your niece and nephew are adorable. My brother is actually going through a divorce right now as well and it’s just painful to watch.

    I wish I could blog about it, but I have family who read the blog and I’d hate for it to get back to her. So sad. This kind of thing can really be rough on the little one. :(

  • I agree with Karen, moving out on Father’s Day???

  • I saw the brother recycling shirt at Target and laughed. I wished (for like half a second)that Lo had a brother so she would understand how funny it was.

    The littles are very lucky to have you for an aunt. Things will get tricky and confusing for everyone involved but with extra hugs and understanding (for them and for your brother) it’ll be okay eventually. I know this because Lo and I wouldn’t have survived the first couple of years without my sisters.

  • Feel bad for your brother.

    You have the cutest niece & nephew…well they tie with mine.

    Nice shirt.

  • So cute…hope the kids do okay with this and they will have Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mean to lean on throughout their lives. They are lucky indeed.

  • No little boy should feel that sorrow…no little girl should need to be that plucky (is plucky a real word? It sounds right).

    I’m sorry for them…I’m glad they have you. And yes, there are husbands that bring you black coffee in bed. Even on Father’s Day.

    Just find yourself the right boy!

  • Aw, my heart goes out to those kids. My brother and I were a little older when our parents split up, but he took it especially hard. Sounds like your niece and nephew have some supportive family around them, though.

  • Crap, I didn’t mean to make my comment anonymous ^

    Foiled by technology once again!

  • I am going through the same thing. Nobody is giving me a party. :( I think my sisters are to shocked to think about it. :)

  • One more thing. At least I can be thankful my sisters are not blogging about my marital situation. :)

  • Going through the split up is tough on everyone. I went through it as a child and then later in my own marriage with a child.

    I definitely feel for the kids because they can’t drink wine to get through it. ;-)

  • I love interviewing strippers. If you need help I’ll totally make myself available :)

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