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Father's Day & Baby Jesus

Last night was BFF night at the AK household. After dinner Rlo and I put Little AK to bed. When the story was finished Rlo went back downstairs. I continued to lie next her for a few more minutes.

While rubbing my back Little AK asked, “Sarah, will you come back and play tomorrow?” “I don’t know sweetie. Keep rubbing my back while I decide.” She continued to rub and asked, “Can Rlo come too? It’s Fathers Day tomorrow… is Rlo a father?” “No, Rlo is our BFF, but he’s not a daddy,” I replied. I could see the confusion in her little eyes when she said, “But Sarah, you always say that Rlo has a Baby Jesus.”

I stifled a giggle and tried to answer her as best I could, “Rlo does have a Baby Jesus, but he’s not a real person.” She looked even more confused than before, and knowing that I’ve done enough damage with the Jesus factor lately, so I wasn’t about to try and clarify. “Honey, I’m going to give you a big hug and kiss, and then go get Rlo so he explain.”

And that’s exactly what I did. Rlo cleans up all my other life messes; why not let him take on this one?


  • GREAT move! I think Madonna has somebody similar in her life, too… all the A-Listers do.

  • What do you mean, Jesus is a real person.

  • Well at least you can’t complain that she doesn’t listen to you.

  • Girl with Mask: Dude, did you just compare me to Madonna? I thought so. I’ll be over to hump your leg soon.

    Christopher Sean: You little troublemaker! Your comment would put you in my mother’s good graces.

    Karen: That’s an excellent point. Sometimes I wish she didn’t listen to me. Like when I said fuck repeatedly at dinner. Sigh…

  • You rock Sarah!

  • My baby Jesus can beat up Rlo’s baby Jesus.

    It’s the sabath day Sister Nielson. I hope you’re keeping it holy. I am. I’ve been singing “Jesus wants me for a Jim Beam” all day and when Jesus wants to buy you a cocktail you don’t say no.

  • I like to make my BFF (AKA my husband) clean up all my messes too…in fact, I think I’ve pretty much decided I’m making hime give our kids the sex talk. By himself. Cause I’m evil like that muwahahahaha….

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