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Finals Week + No Sleep = Insanity & Torture

It’s been a rough week, but rather than enter meltdown mode I decided to take a break from studying and spend time with Daisy the Pug. Poor girl hasn’t had any attention lately.

So maybe not quality pet time, but seeing the container stuck to her head made me laugh. I really needed that laugh, so I’m sure she’ll forgive me. Or she’ll get all passive-aggressive with her farts. I’ve lived through worse.


  • Congratulations on finishing college!!!!! :D Sooooo proud of you for getting through it! Awesome awesome! What’s next?! Ooooh the possibilities. But I imagine a lot more free time and loose income ahead! w00t! Party at your place! Anyway, really, you rock! Gogogo! I hope you have an awesome time celebrating.

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