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Finding My Mojo

This blog holds so many dating/relationship stories, and I’m so glad I have it. Sadly it doesn’t chronicle anything from my most recent relationship. The relationship that matters the most…. with Chris, you know that guy I MARRIED!

I was so busy falling madly in love, that I sort of forgot to write everything down. Sure there are tweets and Facebook updates, but that’s not the same. Oh and there’s our wedding blog, but that doesn’t begin to cover the awesomeness that was dating Chris.

So now, I am forcing myself to start blogging again. Who cares that I lost my creative mojo, it’s time to start writing again. I’ll find my mojo… or I won’t, either way I want to remember life shit.


  • I had wondered what had happened to you. So HAPPY for you and congrats on the much, much less stressful option of eloping. The wedding looks amazing…as does your love for each other that really does show through in how you look at each other.

  • Congratulations to you and your handsome husband. I had not checked you site in months and had no idea your story has resulted in this fabulous love story! Best wishes!

  • I’m really happy for you Sarah! Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog since you and dooce were interviewed together by some dude in SLC. Amazing how life changes in just a few short years!

  • Can’t even TELL you how happy I am that you’re married and you’re back to blogging!! YAY!!!!!

  • Wow!! I figured something BIG happened. The last “official” post you looked really happy and content. Now we know why. Congratulations!!

  • So…I have my VFF back? Um…except I hardly ever blog anymore.

  • I use to read your blog years ago and just refound you… sorry to see you haven’t been blogging a lot lately but happy for you that you got married. Your husband is HOTT!

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