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Finding New Hobbies

RLO met the new guy I’m dating last night.  The guy that I’ve promised not to liken to a troll doll on the Internet anymore.  Oops, I did it again.   OK, starting NOW I’m not going to liken him to a troll doll on this website.  That one doesn’t count.  Right?

Anyway.  The point.  I have one.

RLO and the non-troll doll guy met for the first time last night.  Today RLO mentioned that the new guy was cool.  RLO’s opinion means so much to me that I mentioned it to the new guy.

Him: “So RLO liked me, eh?”

Me: “He did.”

Him: “Is that just because he thinks that I’m easily manipulated and that I’ll be sharing his workload.  The workload being you of course.”

Me:  “I’m not work.  I’m a hobby.”

Him: “I like that.  You’re going to be my new favorite hobby.”

This is where the conversation should have ended, but nooooo.  He felt that it was important to share with me an imaginary conversation.

“So what do you do with your spare time?”
“Oh, I listen to music nobody’s ever heard of, work on my motorcycle, and a dabble a bit in Sarah?”
“Sarah? I could never figure that one out–too complicated.  Had to drop that hobby the moment I picked it up.”
“Yeah, I hear you. But it’s supposed to have its payoffs–I just haven’t figured them out yet…”

I laughed and decided to keep him. For now.  But the minute this turns sour I’m totally blaming RLO.


  • “I’m not work. I’m a hobby.” LOVE IT! I’ll have to use that line the next time my husband says I’m high maintenance.

  • Your new boy sounds like the cutest thing ever!

  • RLO is the perfect fall guy.

    Has he made you baked Brie, yet? ;)

    Non-Troll guy is fabulous.

  • … sounds suspiciously like a bit of a keeper…

  • His sense of humor sounds wickedly funny. Those are a rare breed.

  • not work. definitely hobby. a full-time, expensive hobby.

    wait, that’s me too.

  • He sounds like he’s got a great sense of humor – BONUS!!!!

  • A hobby is WAY better than a PROJECT!!! You’ve upgraded!!!!

    Congrats! And, presumably, this one’s age is within the limits of “acceptable” to you??

    I would really hate to have to have you run down the Seinfeld-like turn-offs to clear them all as “acceptable”, so keep this one whether he’s a low-talker or sponge-worthy or not… drop him if he eats one-eyed Pugs when no one’s looking.

  • Hobby, project, workload or otherwise, you, Missy Bellum, are certainly an occupation — preoccupation, dare I say; my mind’s chief one, at that.

    Sir Troll Doll sounds mighty lovely to myself. Clearly the fruit has not fallen far from the fruit truck with this’n ;-)

    Would that we could all dabble in and out of sarah as we please, till we quickly achieved payloads galore, sharing workload after workload in our spare time. Ah, such are the fruits of labor.

    May the New Toll’s hobby blossom into a full-fledged obsession!


  • How fun is flirting? Love it. I don’t flirt anymore, well, sometimes with the yogurt guy, so I can get extra toppings, but that’s it.

  • Miss Sarah….
    I do believe many hearts are breaking at the thought of your dating another man. You rock! P.S….If you need help w/ math……let us know.

  • Wow, non-troll doll guy sounds funny and cool. Nice going!

  • First I want to say.. I hope you aced your math test – or at least passed it. It broke my heart to see your twitter that you were almost in tears. I so understand that feeling – especially when related to math!

    As for the NON-troll man in your life… he sounds awesome.
    And.. I hope it doesn’t sour. But if it did, then YES, Rlo should take the blame.

    Isn’t that his purpose in life?

  • He sounds like a keeper. Just from what you write, even *I* feel he warm fuzzies. So cute!

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