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Flavors for Quitters

Today marks the 100th day that I’ve been soda free.  To some may not be a big deal, but to me it’s huge.

I’m no newbie to quitting; in fact I’m quite experienced in the art of quitting.  I quit ballet, art lessons and piano.  Not to mention a shit load of boyfriends.  But this is one of the few times I quit something I love.  I love Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper.  Yeah, yeah… “why don’t you marry one of them?”  I totally would have, both even; this is Utah after all.  But humping an ice-cold can isn’t my idea of the perfect sexual relationship. That’s the last place I want frostbite.

I was able to quit with the help of my trusty Dr Pepper Lip Smacker.  Any time I’m craving a soda I pull out my lip gloss where the soothing smell of DP gets me through the rough spots.  Which got me thinking that I should totally invent heroin, meth and cocaine lip gloss and open a rehab center.  The center would have a giant outdoor pool where you could catch some rays while sexy models coated your lips with my unique blend of lip gloss.  It would put The Betty Ford Center to shame.

I’m going to make millions, but don’t worry I’ll still write my blog just poolside.


  • Hahahah nice one sarah.

    Congrats on being soda free.. i need to do something like that with my life now =o)

    …Maybe next week heheh

  • YAY! I, too, was soda free. For 16 months. Stupid pregnancy and my need for ginger ale and sprite so I stop vomiting in public places.


    I’ll be back on the wagon soon enough though.

    Bring on the shakes, sweating and headaches!

  • Do they have Diet Sprite Lip Smackers?

  • Yay for less carcinogens. If you fall off the wagon, non diet soda, suprisingly is much much better for you. Real sugar vs fake sweetener.

  • I found that substituting sparkling mineral water for soda works for me. What I really miss when I give up soda is the carbonation burn, and not really the flavor, so Perrier does the trick.

  • Can you make potato-chip flavored lip gloss as well?

  • Hey, when you open your rehab center, I’ll be your resident nurse. I could really get into making money while sitting poolside and occasionally checking someone’s pulse when they’ve overindulged on the Lip Smackers. I have an impressive resume, and I also make good chocolate chip cookie dough. Just sayin’

  • I’m impressed. My soda addiction is greater than my peanut butter addiction but less than my insulin addiction. I don’t know that I could do it; I need my caffeine somehow and coffee isn’t always my thing. Sure, I’ll die a few years before you by some awful Coke Zero-induced ass cancer. But, I’ll enjoy that crisp, sweet, carbonated goodness in the mean time.

  • I still enjoy the occasional Sprite, because there are just some foods that require bubbly goodness to compliment them. Pizza is a good example. I tried pizza with water, but it just wasn’t the same. I’ve found over the three months of my diet that an occasional pop didn’t make a lick of difference, so I sneak one once in a while. Just can’t handle caffeine anymore, so I stick to Sprite or root beer.

  • I LOVE Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker! You are so funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  • You are my hero.

    I don’t think I could ever give up pop – for one, it’s my only source of caffeine.

    And then there’s the fizz. I just love the fizz!

  • Good idea but don’t ever think I’m putting Vodka lip smaker on. Or Chardonney lip smaker. Mama wants/needs the real thing!!

    Then again maybe I DO need this new rehab center more than I think…

  • My own Sarah and Daisy flavored chapstick, unfortunately, does naught to quench my insatiable urge for love. When I wear it, I am rather struck more deeply than ever before, and the waxy cylinder which gnashes between my teeth merely proves my loneliness more fierce fully.

  • ROFL! Love it! I too quit soda. I am in love with Coke Zero. I am only in the beginning stages of the break up. It’s been hard, I won’t lie. Congrats on making it 100+ days!

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