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Found with Lost

Week after week I sit down and watch “Lost” on the TV I inherited from Tim when he died.  Each time I watch the show I find more reasons why Sawyer reminds me of him.

I don’t know how the rest of you cope with death, but I have to keep Tim alive in my thoughts.  In this instance, I like to play out the scenario of how he would react over my Tim/Sawyer comparison. He would be so pissed off at me, but then go home, watch the show and find he was secretly flattered.  He, of course, would never admit he had watched the show. Tim was a complete bad ass with a softer side that would have made any mother proud.

Every Thursday after the show ends, I want to cry because I desperately miss my friend. I hold back my tears and vow never to watch the stupid show again, but I always do because for one hour every week Tim seems close… and I need that.


  • it is really uncanny how much Sawyer is like Tim – it’s like the character is based on him – I’ve thought this since the first time I saw the character on Lost. It was difficult to watch at first, but now, I almost enjoy thinking its Tim.

  • And did you SEE who was actually in the casket?? I called that one WEEKS ago. Weeks.

    That’s about the ONLY thing I’ve guessed right on that show, so I’m holding on to that one correct guess.

  • I have been watching the show since the beginning and never make the connection but it is so obvious now that you mentioned it. And what a great season finale. I thought I was forgetting some character until they showed Locke at the end. Best show on TV, bar none. (I know Sarah, you think its The Hills)

  • Is it bad that I was wondering if your friend was as hot as Sawyer? It is isn’t it? I’m sorry, but was he?

  • Hey Lila, I began a comment earlier about how fuckable Sawyer is and how I wouldn’t let him out of my bed if he accidentally fell into it, but thought it might be inappropriate given the tone of the post. I have since decided that mentioning the fuckability of a television character is, in fact, a good way to lighten the mood. He reminds me of an ex-lover. I didn’t kick him out either…

  • Sarah’s previous posts lead one to believe she wouldn’t mind about the fuckibility of a TV show character, with or without mention of a friend that has passed on.

    I know this is off the subject but Kate is fuckable.

  • what? someone was in a casket? we don’t get lost over here. we just finished the dvd’s of season three. man…i have to know! i don’t care if it ruins it for me! i must know!

  • Ya poor thing =o( I cant even begin to imagine how you feel..

    I’ve been depressed all weekend about death – just finished reading the book “P.S I love you”


  • I am often reminded of a close friends death by really odd bizarre things. I think it is their way of reminding you and saying hey don’t forget about me jackass :) And even better when they look as good as Sawyer on Lost.

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