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Friday Night Bush

When KCPW announced Jenna Bush would be in town for part of the station’s Forum Speaker Series, I mentioned it to Ben. He has a huge crush on both Bush sisters. And while I’m no fan of the Bush family I’m a huge fan of KCPW, so we went.

Bush spoke about her time in South American with UNICEF, reading from the book she wrote about a young woman she met who was born with HIV. During an especially moving moment Ben leaned over and asked, “I think her boobs are probably a C cup. What do you think?”

I hushed him, but it was useless. He didn’t listen to a word she said, instead stared at her boobs the entire time–only stopping long enough to tell me her poor-fitting skirt ruined his crush.

On the way home he informed me he’d be spending his time focusing on Barbara from here on out. He then called every family member in his phone to let them know his very liberal sister attended something that could be construed as pro-Bush.


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