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Voices in my Wine

I’m taking an Interpersonal Communications class this semester.  Last night while watching TV I was working on a homework question about noise during a message transfer.  Since this is a straightforward, simple question that I remember learning in junior high school I didn’t take it too seriously.  Obviously:

Give three examples of disruptive noise that you are experiencing at this moment, and a solution for each of them.

1)    Stinky Pug Dog Farts—forcing Gas-X strips onto my dog’s tongue can easily solve this noise interference.

2)    90210—the show I’ve been longing to see for the past ten years is back on air.  Yippee! This noise here is both literal and psychological.  The show playing on my TV while I am working on homework is a literal noise that could easily be shut off, but hell no!  I’m very busy yelling at the TV for not showing me any Tori Spelling cameos.  Can you believe that?  My inner dialogue on the subject is the psychological noise.

3)    The mirror is my closet is also considered noise.  After watching “90210” I needed to check the mirror to make sure I aged better than Brenda Walsh.  Luckily I did, and the noise was easy to minimize by walking away.

I thought about redoing the question, but the two glasses of wine I consumed told me not to.  In fact they told me to have a tubby, put on comfy jammies and go to bed.  I always listen to the voices in my wine, so I did just that.


  • 90210—the show I’ve been longing to see for the past ten years is back on air. Yippee!

    Just an FYI — HULU airs the entire season, from what I can tell, via CBS.com!!!! What a trip. I didn’t catch the premier, unfortunately, but I have been digging the old-school episodes!

  • I watched it too. You know, the rumor is that Kelly’s son is Dylan’s child… I can only hope.

    And I do not know what happened to Brenda’s face.

  • Brenda… is that the one whose face looks like a Picasso? You know, one of her eyes is higher than the other.

  • Sarah,

    If it is true that you are now listening to voices in inanimate objects, I exuberantly insist that you receive swift treatment! The infamous Son of Sam killer himself was known to speak to his dog. But to speak to his alcoholic beverage, regarding the gastric structure of his dog? I fear for my safety indeed :-(

  • ha ha ha! Trollpop fears for his safety!

    Althought I do not fear trollpop or his janglings.. I find it funny that given what others have said about him.. how he’s strange, not to be trusted, etc.. that he
    is saying he fears for his safety!
    ha ha ha ha ha!

    I started to watch 90210 but was disappointed in it, so I shut it off. Maybe I needed wine. I’ll have to try that next time. Although what disappointed me was Andrea’s daughter, Hanna. That’s just wrong! No offense to anyone who disagrees. I could not stand Andrea in 90210 and I was not thrilled to see her daughter in the new version.

    But I did love Erin!!

    On another note, I have found htat wine is a comforter.. that is why you so much enjoyed what it told you to do.

    Good wine.

  • I like the way you do homework. Seems we have similar studying habits. Wine and homework seem to go well together.

  • What on earth is a tubby?

  • Definately an “A+” answer!

  • I’m probably just a tiny bit older than everyone in the room, so when 90210 was in its heyday, I never watched it. I had “better things” to do, which probably meant I spent the evenings with my friends, watching our boyfriends play Pac Man and drinking Sun Country coolers.

    Ah, the good old days…

    So I think I might be the only one who a) didn’t watch the 90210 reunion, and b) wasn’t terribly upset that I didn’t watch the 90210 reunion. But I’m glad you all liked it!

  • I hear Brenda was quite a mess to look at, but I can’t verify first hand, as I am currently under 90210 boycott until Donna comes back.

  • 90210 starts on our tv (down here in australia) on monday.. Yipee!

    Is it really shit? i Hope its not shit. I bet it is going to be shit

    Oh, and A+ on the answers, if i was judging you, i would make sure you passed =oD hehe

  • smalltownamerican clinging

    mmmmmmmmmmm, the thought of Sarah, fresh from the tubbie, in her jammies, woozie from the grape juice…….

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