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Gatsby Math

The Yuppie emailed me this link today.  He thought if anything could help me pass my math class it would be video games.  I thanked him, but was quick to point out I’m not only bad at math, but I’m also bad at video games.

Knowing I’m obsessed with The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald he sent me the following:

Damn, I thought I found a solution to your problems.  Maybe if they made story problems centered around Gatsby?  If Gatsby has three times as many shirts than Nick Carraway, and 1/3 of those shirts are striped Egyptian cotton and 2/3 have French cuffs suitable for molar cuff links (They’re real teeth!  See!), and Nick has one shirt for every year that Daisy Buchanan has been alive, how many Egyptian cotton and French cuff shirts does Gatsby own?

My answer would have to be: Who cares how many shirts Gatsby owns, I just want him naked!  It’s no wonder math isn’t going so well.


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