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Goal: Look Less Douchey

I think I accidentally celebrated Halloween. I had every intention of ignoring the stupid holiday and going about my regular business.

Regular business: drinking wine out of a coffee cup. Shut up. It’s not trashy because it’s a super nice coffee cup… leather and everything. See, it’s totally classy.

Rather than stay home and pass out candy to kids I don’t know, I made plans with my friend Susan to get dinner and see a movie. I see you shaking your head in disgust, which if you really think about it, you should be thanking me for saving your kids from diabetes. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Now that I’ve saved your children I can get back to the point of this post: accidental Halloween costume.

When Susan picked me up she was wearing exactly the same thing I was. This isn’t the first time we’ve ended up in similar clothes. However, this time it looked way less douchey because we could claim that we were dressed up like twins. I’m sure no one believed us, but at least we looked better than the weird girl in the restaurant dressed up like a cave woman.


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