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Got gas?

I love documentaries, but watching them comes at a price. I am naturally anxiety ridden, so when I’m given something valid to worry about I do. A lot.

Last week FSB(f) and I watched “Gasland” – a documentary about the hazards of drilling for natural gas. The movie was great, but all I could think about was that my tap water was contaminated with natural gas and would kill asshole puppy or worse my house would blow up.

I was busy planning a living will in my head when I heard FSB(f) fumbling around with something in the kitchen. I walked in and found him with a lighter heading towards my kitchen sink. Worried that the house would blow up I grabbed my phone to document our death. iPhones are pretty much the same thing as an airplane black box, right?

We lived, obviously, but my gas induced worries aren’t over. I made FSB(f) promise to check for gas in the water once a week and have added “find Hello Kitty water filter ASAP” to my shopping list.


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