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Grace in Small Things #1

I’ve never taken part in any sort of 365 project. I can’t commit to one brand of shampoo, so committing to a certain type of blog post or picture every single day gives me anxiety. BUT, I’m going to give the lovely Schmutzie’s ‘Grace in Small Things’ a shot.

If you haven’t heard of Grace in Small Things you can find more info here, but the gist is to list five positive things. This is perfect for me because I did make a resolution to be more positive in my life. I can’t commit to daily, weekly or even monthly posts. It’s going to be whenever I feel like it because that’s how I roll.

Here are five things that made me giddy and positive today:

1) Vanilla Chai Deodorant… my armpits smell like fresh cookies. How is this anything but positive?

2 Pug snuggles when I’m stressed out.

3) My MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice concert ticket. HELL YEAH!

4) The smell of fresh-brewed Dunkin’ Donuts french vanilla coffee in my apartment.

5) Nerdy co-workers who keep me laughing even when I’m grumpy.


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