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Grace in Small Things #4

Today kicked my ass. The only way to get past it is with a big shot of positivity… and vodka.

Since I don’t know what this “The Secret” bullshit is that my friends keep blogging about, I’m going to stick with my usual boost of positivity: Grace in Small Things.

1) My readers: You people have no idea how much I love reading your comments and emails. I’m continuously amazed that complete strangers are rooting for me. It makes me want to kiss each and every one of you on the mouth. (With tongue if you do my statistics homework!)

2) Aveda Shampoo presents from my friend Summer. She is beloved.

3) My study buddies, Danielle and Jeff, without them I’d never make it through school hell.


5) My brothers. The four of them constantly drive me bat-shit-crazy, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I don’t tell them enough, but I love the hell out of each of them. I know they would do anything for me, and I’m so grateful to know them.

Sometimes I forget how incredibly blessed I am.


  • You know I already want your spring break, but I’d like to expand what I want from you. I’ve got my own brother who I love so you can keep yours. I’m not in school so I won’t ask for your study buddies. But your Aveda connection, Summer. I’m all over that one. And your readers. I’ll take an order of them to.

    I’ll share my vodka! 🙂

  • I rly like that grace in small things idea, will have to keep it in mind next time im feeling low

    Thanks for sharing =D

  • Well, I really suck at Statistics, so we’ll have to save the tongue for when I bring your Girl Scout cookies to you.

  • Andi: WHERE ARE MY MOTHER FUCKING COOKIES? Not that I’m anxious or anything.

  • Mysterious Malady


    I teach statistics to business majors and I used to teach at a university in NC. Can I help with the homework? No kissing required 😛

  • We’re picking them up on Saturday. You are mere days away from finding yourself standing in your kitchen with an empty box and a whole lot of shame.

    You’re welcome 😉

  • 6) I had a great shit this morning. It was like Christmas.

  • I use statistics every day in my job, but skirted through college without it. Go figure.

    As a favor to a friend, I will have 5,700 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my garage this weekend. Now I just need a really, really large glass of milk. Come on over!!!

  • So my friends & I had all been feeling down lately (getting out of college & moving apart will do that to ya). I read your first “Grace in Small Things” & I thought that might be the perfect way for us to change our moods. It’s been great…we email each other (what we call) our Happys everyday. Not only does it get each of us thinking positively, but it helps to keep in contact & we are happier knowing that our friends are happier. So a big “Thanks” to you!

  • LOVE aveda!!! And yay for spring break too! Hang in there with school- one day it is all over and then you don’t know what to even do with yourself!

  • I’ve gotta say, you have a GREAT blog! I’m a blog nut, and just stumbled across yours the other day, but I love all your info and cast of characters- a great find! Very witty and charming and all other manner of positive affectation.

  • nice post- your brothers are great guys. Statistics…. ughhhh good luck.

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