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Grace in Small Things #5

1. Cheap shoes from Payless.

2. A fun new writing gig with Wasatch Woman. I’m going to be blogging for them here every Monday. Bookmark the page and go there often!

2. Black tee-shirts.

3. Scooter weather! And a brother who is going to get it all charged and ready to go.

4. Peach Fresca

5. An upcoming visit from Kelli!


  • I love Payless and Old Navy has become a favorite for cute, trendy, cheap clothing.

  • There is a typo (I think) in your bio on the website to your new gig. It says you have a lot of things on your “place” and I think it should say “Plate”… just wanted to give you a heads up.

  • Those shoes are AWESOME! I might have to go buy myself a pair. Congrats on the new writing gig.

    And you’re a total bitch for already being on spring break. I have two papers due Monday and a final exam on Tuesday and THEN I get a break. So of course I’m reading blogs instead of studying…

  • yes- I agree with Katy! I have two more papers due by tuesday, and two written mid terms. THEN I come back to more things due! Why can’t they let a break actually be a break?! Commies.

  • You’re right, those shoes are seriously cute! Also, you should try your peach fresca with a splash of vanilla rum. Delish!!

  • Those shoes are totally cute, and peach fresca is divine.

  • Peach Fresca rocks socks! And panties. Yes, that good.

    I need to ask you about your scooter sometime. I’m in the market for a white or pink one for CHEAP cause I’m a broke (as a joke) student. But the brother has had to fix it a couple times? Would you recommend the same place for one or no?

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