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Grace in Small Things #6

Between the snow today and RLO pissing me off I could really use some positive thoughts. Because otherwise I may kill him with his own fancy knife set. This may be the most forced Grace in Small Things entry to date, but forcing yourself to be positive is sort of the point.

  1. Road tripping to Logan tonight for the Post Secret event with Bishop Deal and the car snacks that always go hand-in-hand with road trips
  2. Watermelon flavored gum
  3. My black and pink umbrella from Target
  4. Free cheeseburger
  5. Bribes masked in the form of Skittles


  • Good for you for forcing out the positive. You’re a better person than I.

  • I was finding grace in mechanical pencils the other day, and once in my copy stamp. Some days you just have to force things.

  • Wine should always be on the top of the list.

  • Mysterious Malady

    Something stupid I learnt (Yeah! not from the US) while in 8th grade or somewhere around there … Never begin a sentence with because because because is a conjunction. Apparently that’s the only sentence you can make with 3 because in a row. Never mind. Obviously I am yet to find the grace in small things. I really thought that would make you smile/laugh/curse. Never mind. CANOODLE (that’s my swear word thingy) ! I said that already ! My apologies, apologies, apologies. CRAP. Will shut up NOW.

  • I’m so jealous that you’re going to the Post Secret event! And that you get car snacks. I just suggested to my husband that we have car snack type things for dinner and he looked at me like I was insane, but to that I say bring on the Good ‘n Plenty!

  • Both Postsecret and watermelon gum are amazing. I concur.

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