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Grace in Small Things #7

1) A clean bathroom: I love my bathroom clean, but sadly a clean bathroom is not an event that happens as often as it should. Maybe if there was some sort of medal for cleaning your own bathroom that would help motivate me. Or tile scrub that comes with supplemental vodka.

2) Girlfriends: I’m blessed to have some kick ass bitches in my life. I know how lucky I am to have them because in the past most of my friends are male and borrowing clothes from guy friends is just not the same. It’s way too much like the 90s when I wore baggy jeans. Eek.

3) Black clothing: I think I’m going through some sort of adult gothic stage, without the leather corsets.

4) Daisy: This old girl of mine makes me laugh every single day. Seriously, look at how cute she is.

5) A new toothbrush head for my Sonicare: My teeth are so thankful I’m worried they may hump my leg.


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