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Daisy is very busy in the country reminding my mother that while the twins are very cute, she is the first grandchild. Pugs are never to be forgotten. They remind you they exist by emitting toxic gases from their asses.


  • Well my my my missy Snielson, you have filled your purse with quite the delectable treat today, haven’t you? My one eyed piratey friend shan’t be forgotten in this neck of the woods, o HO HO HO I tell you not!

    Or…have you forgotten?

    Let me remind you with a toxic gas emission from mine arse, the beauty that is the Pug.

    The pug was brought to this country upon rafts of silver a mere 300 years ago, to this very day. On July 5th, 1708, the first shipment of pugs arrove in droves upon the shores of Miami, Florida, bringing with them wrinkly faces, smiling black lips, and a permanent wink enforced on them by cruel twists of fate. At this time, as is commonly known, the land was owned mainly by migrant Afro-Russo cotton workers, who happily worked the fields of their own choosing. Till, of course, the Pug Landing, when hordes of winking beasts came upon the land with an iron first and a mean penchant for slavery. Oh how they enslaved the Afro-Russo cotton pickers, beating them with toxic gas whips and angry snarls and whimpers.

    And now, today, to have the very same creature enslaved by Chicken Shits such as thyself. O! Cruel twist of fate, ye fatey winds blow westward this fair morn do they not? For though the Cap’n Daisy may smile now, her heart yearns for the slave-owning, sea faring life of her Floridan grandparents — her TRUE grandparents, not the mother of her captor, mind you — and, looking deep within her eye, one sees the seeds of discontent forming in the pools black.

    Grin away miss grandmother, while you can. For the hour of the Pug Uprising (a late descendant of the Boxer Rebellion) is among us, and all beasts near and far will pray for the mountains to encave in on them!

    For as it says in Cap’nDaisy 5:32 (New Wrinkle Translation): “Ahoy me mateys! Pugs far and wide shall join together, and destroy all human beings with toxic gases anew, on the seventh day of the seventh month, of the two thousand and eights year.”

    We have been warned.


  • Daisy is just way too cute !!!
    Toxic gas or not.

  • wait…do all pugs emit toxic gases from their backsides? because my kids are begging for a dog when we finally get to the states and that is the exact kind of dog they want. hm…i must research this!

  • I love daisy’s smile in this pic! I wish she could’ve eaten with us today too. 🙁

  • Look how happy Daisy is!

  • I could be your mother.

  • Cuuuuute. They both look so happy together too. My mom calls my dog her grandpuppy. I think it helps her with the fact that she doesn’t have grandchildren yet.

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