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Guest post by Daisy the Pug, because contrary to popular belief doggy blogging is way better than mommy blogging.

I’ve always known I’m pretty. Unlike other pugs I’ve never struggled with self-esteem issues. I’m beautiful inside and out. Despite what Sarah says, even my farts are lovely. They smell like unicorn and pink glitter. And sometimes rainbows… that sorta depends on what I had for dinner.

I am pug goddess; hear me roar!

I live a pretty sweet life. I get to nap a lot and occasionally bark at the new mail lady. I think Sarah is incredibly jealous, because last week she yelled at me to get off the fucking couch and get a job. Rather than poop in her closet, I went out and landed a modeling job. That’ll show her.

Wait, I’m not sure what it will show her. I mean that’s what she wanted, but still she’s dead to me until she apologizes and feeds me treats.


Behold my first modeling job:

October Harmons Keeping it Fresh

This is an ad for Harmons grocery store. If you shop there (and you should because Sarah’s friend Danielle works there) pick up a copy of the October ‘Keepin’ it Fresh’ to either frame, or display on the refrigerator.

Don’t worry my sweet, little lambs I’ll still remember the little people when I land the cover of Doggy Vogue. I’m a sweet bitch like that.


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