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Halloween doesn't just bring out the scary. It brings out the crazy, too.

It’s not easy being a crazy, single chick. I like being independent, it’s sorta my thing, but lately it feels like a lot of work.

I don’t want to be in charge of putting air in my low car tires, or be the sole household bug killer. I’ve killed 30 spiders and crickets in the last two days alone. I don’t live in the south, so that’s a LOT of household bugs. I’m not scared of bugs, but I am scared of zombie bugs. Yeah. This is where the crazy part comes in.

Today is the third week my garbage hasn’t been picked up. I have trouble remembering to take it to the curb. The bins aren’t full so it’s not a huge deal. I hardly mind the smell of rotting food anymore. It’s all the dead bugs I’ve tossed in the trash that bothers me.

WHAT IF THEY TURN INTO ZOMBIES? It’s close to Halloween and that’s when spooky things happen. And then what? I don’t even know how to kill a zombie spider.


  • Glad I’m not the only one afraid of spider zombies. I make my husband kill the spiders because I can’t kill them myself. What if I do it wrong and they are then ticked off and want to kill me even more?! * shudder *

  • I hate spiders. When I was single my boyfriend bought me a dart gun. The type that has the suction ends? And I could shoot it across the room to zap the spider so I wouldn’t have to get near them. Of course, you could also hire a bug service?

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