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Happiness Project, Month 1

February’s Happiness Project focus was marriage – it made the most sense as it’s our anniversary month. I want to document my complete success, but that would be a giant goddamn lie.

I basically failed the month.

I mean, I’m still married and I think my husband likes me more often than not… so there’s that. I don’t think I was cognizant of my goals on a daily basis, which is something I need to solve. I should probably start each morning reading through my goals. Even though it would only take a few minutes, I’m not sure that will work. Mornings since having FBomb are a little intense. I think I’ll try and read through them quickly at night before passing out, I mean blissfully falling asleep. :)

Here’s to making March more successful. Fingers crossed especially hard, since the focus is parenthood and I have a *lot* to improve on.

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