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Happy Birthday to Me

I’m 32 today. I know this because my mom left me a voicemail telling me so. It went something like this: “Good Morning sweetheart, it’s your birthday. Have a good day.” Direct and to the point… I can appreciate that.

Today is like any other day: wake up, swear at the alarm clock, drink too much coffee, shower, get ready and go to work. Only I don’t want to. I want to lay around and be lazy. So I compromised; I didn’t shave my legs, which is fine since I don’t think birthday sex is on my agenda today.

In honor of today, I decided to post a picture of little Sarah:If the writing on the back is correct this was taken on my third birthday. Not a lot has changed with my sleeping habits. I still sleep with pink pajamas, only they don’t have feet anymore. Ernie has been replaced with a pug, my bed is a little bigger now, and I don’t sleep with a beanie. Unless I’m cold.


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