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Having a picture taken is exactly like eating chicken.

I hate having my picture taken. I’m not naturally photogenic like some people. My eyes are always closed, or my mouth is hanging open. And sometimes? It’s both.

There’s nothing worse than stumbling across a horrid picture of yourself that should have been burned, or at least given to an ex-boyfriend so when his new girlfriend finds the photo she always feels hotter. Yeah, I live in a dream world where any future boyfriend will only have pictures of his ex-girlfriend that make me look even better. I’m shallow and insecure like that. I think it partly comes along with having a vagina.

Sure, I’ve had some great photos taken, but it’s a process AND by very talented photographers (@Calanan @Cottonsox I’m looking at you guys!).  For the most part, however, my experiences haven’t been good.

Whenever I’m out doing something and someone pulls out a camera I turn my head and avoid the shot. I try to be discreet about it, but there’s always someone that calls me out on it and I end up looking like a giant jerk. Which I’m totally used to, but it still sucks.

Last night at a get-together for In Utah a local photographer was taking pictures of everyone at the bar. Wanna guess what I did? Yup. I turned away and, of course, looked like a bitch. In fact a friend even called me one. I shook it off and changed the subject.

I think having my photo taken is  just going to be one of those things I always hate, like chicken. Don’t ask. It’s just gross.


  • I always end up doing this thing with my neck when my picture is taken so I avoid the appearance of double chins. It makes me look like an asshat, but I can’t stop doing it.

  • I always look like someone in the witness protection program in pictures, too. I have a really old picture of me on my blog– I now look like a fat alien who has taken that girl’s skin and pulled it over my bloated body. Or eaten her.

  • You hate chicken?!?! Wow. Chicken is the reason I stopped being a vegetarian.

    I don’t think turning away makes you look like a bitch . . . because that would make me a bitch.

    Ok, OK, maybe I am

  • You didn’t look like a bitch. I think most everyone can grok the picture taking aversion. In fact, the weirdness of him repeatedly trying to capture you, after you initially avoided, was reason enough to avoid even harder. He should’ve been more respectful. [shrug]

  • I think photogenocity is a skill that needs to be developed. Most people look like doofusses in photos. It’s the ones who stand in front of their mirrors every day and practice posing that end up looking hot. Pick your poison, eh? I used to always combat this by purposefully pulling a ridiculous face in photos. That way when I look stupid, it’s because I meant to.

  • I can handle the posed shots, it’s the ones where I am not looking that get me. I always look nervous or afraid.
    That photographer was an ass. Sorry if I wasn’t helping the situation.

  • Ottumwa High School
    Senior yearbook

    It doesn’t get worse than this:


  • I’m assuming that your pic of the day today is a pic of you right? I think you look great in it!

  • My theory is if people think they will look shitty, they invariably will. Just sayin.

  • I am SO the same way…hate having my picture taken. There probably won’t be any of me to put in my obit when I die…oh well…

  • i’m ok at photoshop but i am not a magician which means you are very photogenic luvva :)

  • Once your photograph is posted online it is online forever. Protect yourself, avoid the photogs.


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