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Holiday Shopping

Realizing that I hadn’t started my holiday shopping I asked my niece, Hannah, yesterday what she wanted for Christmas yesterday.

“A pink scooter, please.”

“Wow, that’s a big gift.  What if Aunt Sarah can’t get you a pink scooter, then what do you want?”

“A purple scooter.”

“Hannah, let me explain this to you.  Scooters are pretty expensive and Aunt Sarah can’t afford to buy a real scooter for you.  Is there something else you want?  Maybe a book, or a Barbie?”

“A Barbie scooter, please.”

I guess this is my own fault for storing my scooter in my brother’s garage for the winter.  She got a taste of the good life and wants one. I can’t blame really her for that, now can I?


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