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Honesty is Never the Best Policy, Except for Sometimes

Teaching five-year-olds the art of ‘your mom’ jokes is not an easy undertaking. I wouldn’t suggest doing it sober. After I explained to my nephew, Carter, how to properly make one, we had a practice session. IT DID NOT GO WELL!

Carter: “You’re silly.”

Me: “Your mom is silly.”

Carter: “She is really, really silly. I love her.”

Me: “Buddy that’s now how it works. Let’s try it again.”

Carter: “You smell like diapers.”

Me: “Your mom smells like diapers.

Carter: “NO SHE DOESN’T! She smells pretty. You smell pretty too Aunt Sarah. Like cookies.”

I gave up and told him we’d try again when he was older, and maybe then he would understand. His twin sister Hannah got upset and said,  “Aunt Sarah I get it, but I’m older by three whole minutes so I’m smarter.” To which I replied, “No Hannah you’re smarter because you’re a girl.”

I feel like honestly is always the best policy, especially with young and impressionable children.


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