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How I got a free boob job!

All dog owners talk to their dogs like they are human, right? Well I do. All the time, and sometimes Daisy talks back.

Me: I need a new masthead for my blog.

Daisy: Can I be in it this time?

Me: No. I really want it to be all Sarah all the time.

Daisy: Selfish bitch.

Me: Who are you calling a bitch? You’re the female dog remember?

Daisy: Sigh… You’ll never let that go.

Me: Well it’s true.

Daisy: Perhaps. I’d feel better if you let me be in your masthead.

Me: Fine, but only if I can have bigger boobs in the picture.

Daisy: Deal.

A big thanks to Alma for starting over the design work when I told her Daisy the Pug needed to be in the masthead. She didn’t once question my insanity. I love that.

If you’re reading this in feed reader you’ll want to click through and refresh. Trust me, it’s THAT cute.


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