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How to Fail College Properly

Last night, just as I was walking up the last flight of stairs for my math class, I received a test message from Summer asking if I wanted to play hooky and go the the Jason Mraz concert with her.

I should add that Summer, too, was supposed to be in math class.  I should also add that I don’t even listen to Mraz. I only know who he is because one of his song titles has the word pink in it.  See, random Google searches for containing the words “pink” and “song” are beneficial!

When she mentioned the tickets were in a suite that would likely be catered I turned around and walked back to my car, leaving my education behind.  FOR MUSIC I DON’T EVEN LIKE! No wonder I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree at 32.

When I fail college algebra I only have myself to blame.  Well, and Kelli, because she wouldn’t fly out here twice a week and take the damn class for me.  What a bitch that girl is.

The best part of the night was not the concert—we left after two songs—but seeing this on the door of the E-Center:

(Insert high pitch squeals here.)


  • Good call. It would be madness to let Jason Mraz tickets + free food go to waste. Even if you don’t like his music..although you should give Geek in the Pink another try. Math will always be there tomorrow.

  • Should I be ashamed to admit I like Jason Mraz?

  • You know, I once saw Mraz open for Dave Matthews Band, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much better his music is live. It was actually pretty enjoyable. He’s way overprocessed on CD, though, and slightly annoying.

  • You’re right, I am a bitch. I’ve already booked 12 flights to Utah to finish out your class. I had to cash out my 403B, but I think it’ll be worth it as long as you’ll still be my friend.

  • I too am trying my best to fail college. I have managed to make it to about two classes in the last week and a half. Unfortunately, my poor performance is due to car problems and work schedule rather than anything fun.


    **swooning and fainting now**

  • When Tyler and I go to Vegas in December, I’m going to go see Ryan Adams with him. I think we are seriously amazing women for sacrificing of ourselves in this manner for our friends. Celestial Kingdom, here we come!

  • First – I got my AAS at age almost 34.

    Second – I have a friend who went to NKOTB when they were here a week ago and she wishes they’d come back already. She loved it!

  • Umm, you both suck and Kel is now a saint. Just saying.

  • I went to NKOTB when they were in San Jose a few weeks ago. You should totally go. But be warned that your inner 13 year old will come out with a vengeance, and possibly scare you a lot.

  • What a hearty coincidence! I myself was also present at a musical showcase last eve. It took place in a large, transparent Colosseum of sorts, with strange images of Grizzly Bears shouting angrily in my direction!

    I had stumbled in this odd, hieroglyphic strewn elliptical cylinder to see a dear friend and former lover of mine, Ms. Hannigan. Lisa and I had a wonderful romance, filled with liquids, solids, and the gels which lie between. I wished only to see her beautiful Irish body sway back and forth, reminding me gladly of our erotic trysts, which sadly took place only in my mind :-).

    The headlining singer himself was most enjoyable. I, who have never known a sodomite myself, was most intrigued by his rollicking antics and foreign tongue, passed on by his homosexual ancestors, known as the “skat”.

    The eve was enjoyable, but my throat duly parched from the lustful screams which it happ’ly allowed passage. Fortunately, I found on a trashcan nearly 2/3 of a delicious beer. I drank my thirst away, and gladly retreated home :-)

  • @ Windy City (Doni)–thanks for recognizing!

    @Trollpop–where have you been and will you be telling the story?

  • @kel:

    I have begun the story on my weblog, which you will find at http://quothtrollpop.blogspot.com . More will soon follow :-D

  • I would skip math class to see Hanson…but I never have been much good at counting.

  • I went to the Detroit show last weekend! BEST CONCERT I’VE EVER BEEN TO! They danced like it was 1991.

  • I had tickets to the NKOTB concert tonight in Charlotte, but had to back out. Boo. I was incredibly excited though.

  • ok, I confess. I was at the Mraz concert Tuesday night, and was very pleasantly surprised. Fantastic entertainer, one of the better live shows I’ve been too.
    And I only knew 3 of his songs going in.

  • First of all, Trollpop, WTF man? I’ll be visiting your blog asap dude.

    I luv me some Jason Mraz baby..NKOTB? They’re here in Vegas now..I’d rather take my chances on craps. Wasn’t their 15 minutes over like 15 years ago?

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