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How to Look like a Douchebag Online

Alternate title: First Video Blog

I’m stuck using YouTube this time because a) I didn’t know that Flickr had a 90 second limit, and b) I’m far too lazy busy studying to make the video shorter. I’ll get better, I promise. Or maybe I won’t, who knows.


  • There’s nothing with posting the real you!!

    As for the itchy neck it’s because you life in the dry state of Utah like me. I’ve been using Lubriderm Intense Skin Repair and its helping a bit. If you find something better please let me know.

  • Go balls! I tried speaking on video once, but it sounded fake and looked insane so I trashed it. And that was just for a message to a friend! Super hard to talk alone on video.

  • Awww…..I miss my Super Hot Utah BFF.

  • Cute. So if you didn’t really have makeup on, I’d like to hire the crew who filmed you if I ever do videos. Well I’m not talking about the homemade slutty ones. It’s awkward to have a film crew there for those.

  • Is that a dimple I see? I’ve never noticed that in any of your online pix.

  • Susan: I’ve tried pretty much every lotion there is, but nothing seems to help. Totally sucks!

    Erin: Talking has never been my problem. It’s the not sounding like an idiot I struggle with.

    Susan Mercedes:
    I’m lucky because I look pretty much the same with or without makeup. The downside to this is I look the same with or without makeup. Just once I’d like to be able to get all dolled up. Oh, and wear red lipstick. I’m so damn scared of red lipstick.

    Kel: Move home bitch.

    Derek: It is. You can’t see it often, but if you look close you can see the scar from when I tried to iron the dimple out as a child.

  • hey, at least you’re wearing a shirt. And depending on one’s point of view, that could go into either the plus, or minus, column… just sayin’…

  • Did you really try to iron your dimple? When my face isn’t too fat, I have dimples. I’m finally starting to see them a little bit.

  • P.S. Are you wearing pants in this video?

  • Try Hemp or Shea body butter from The body shop. Best shit ever. I live in boise, and suffer from similar annoyingly dry skin, and it works wonders.
    Also, no more trying to iron your face!

  • Dang you are cute, Sarah. i love your, “um, sooooo anyways”. You remind me of that funny ass girl on SNL. Her name escapes me and i am too lazy to google her name. Still biking? i hope so.

  • Lol! I like you so much more now. You’re a cheeky little shit. Love it.

  • Makes the whole blog thing, much more personal.

    And as for the new couch and not letting Daisy on it..
    well what is a couch without Daisy?
    ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Love it!!! You and Daisy are gorgeous!

  • Seriously could you be any cuter? I freaking love you!

  • I didn’t want to be the first to comment when I saw this alst night for fear of being the lesbianish stalker girl who said “You are the cutest thing I have ever seen”

    But since everyone else got to say . . .SO CUTE!!!

  • Not a big fat liar… more like a little skinny fibber.

    And I sure pictured your jammies differently. I pictured….. a big Disney picture on the front- like Tinkerbell.

  • You seem much less snarky in video blogs – and I don’t like it!!!

    Just kidding – love your snark, love the new video blogs. I can’t wait to see where you take this and how long before we first see Rlo on the video blog

  • Too cute! That’s excellent– love to hear from you personally- hope to see much more. Its an excellent form of work-avoidance no?

    BTW- Frank is picturing you in your jammies! And now we all are!! ;)

  • ummmmmmmmmmmm I am so glad I checked your blog because your in big trouble. You will get on the world wide web in pajamas, no makeup and hair not done but you won’t go get pizza with me!!!


  • You could use Vimeo.com for these, if you’re looking to avoid YouTube.

  • BTW best part: “Got it on Amazon.. I’m an Internet shopper.. :shrug: “

  • You still look beautiful without makeup, and don’t be scared of red lipstick. I think you would look great with whatever you put on.
    Loved your vblog!

  • Your eyebrows are freaking me out

  • You brave, brave hoe.

    I’m doing homework right now. Seems like we have the concentration problem in common.

  • Haha! I love it. And have to agree- totally cute. Daisy looks like a good study buddy.

  • where did you buy that couch? I want one.

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