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"I hate you" really means "I love and admire you" in Nielson

“Sarah I think I finally beat you at the grandkid game. I’m officially the favorite.”

“Ben, I highly doubt it. But what makes you THINK you’re the favorite?”

“I took the day off work and drove down to see grandma and grandpa.”

“Yeah, that’s the act of a favorite grandchild alright.”

“They were pretty happy to see me. I’m a fresh memory, unlike the flowers you sent a few months ago. So I win.”

“I don’t know about that… I actually ordered grandma a dozen roses yesterday.”

“Dammit, Sarah, that’s not fair. It takes you five minutes to send flowers and it takes me hours to drive down and back.”

“I’m not only a better grandkid, but I’m also better at time management.”

“I hate you right now.”


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