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So maybe that’s stretching the truth, but wearing the tank top from his concert to bed is practically the same thing as sleeping with him. The only difference is there’s WAY less risk of an STD.


  • Girl!!! YOU ARE SO DAMN CUTE!!!! ^_^ Haha, I want like… I dunno. Make a banner. Or buy you something pink.

  • So I read the headline of your post, which says “I SLEPT WITH VANILLA ICE!”, but while I was waiting for the content to load, I scrolled down to your sideblog and read your Twitter feed. The fist one says, and I quote: “I feel oh so sticky.”

    I had to click away then, thinking there was information contained in said post that I didn’t want to know about

  • Dude! ” You got the look. You got the hook.” May I have another, please.

  • I’m eating rice.

  • I actually don’t know if there’s less risk… Did you wash the shirt in penicillin before you put it on?

  • DANG girl! you are getting skinny!! Whatever you are doing it is working. PS what are you doing? cause I wanna get skinny too.

  • well aren’t you cute!

    vanilla ice…as a drink…yum…as a singer…um…and as a bed partner…dumb!

    glad you just slept with his shirt!

  • Where’s the other ice?

  • Sarah, you do look extra skinny in this pic..!! WTF?!! Knock it off, you’re going to make the rest of us look “overly-curvey”!!! ;)

  • Did the shirt not come in pink??

  • Did you just show the internet your “bedroom eyes”?

    Also – I haven’t seen you in black since Metallica. Very hot!

  • Two things:

    1. You look rather fetching in this photo.

    2. If you wear your bar shirt to bed, does that count as sleeping with Curly? And if so, who the eff is Curly?

  • ok i’m officially cutting you off from saying that you have ham arms. bitch…am jealous.
    loving that my photo is hanging behind you teehee

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