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I want to live in the United States of Obamerica.

My mother once asked me how she raised a Democrat when she and my father are both devout Republicans.  I smiled and said, “Because I had a very loving mother who taught me to be fair and to care enough to want the best for all people.”

This election season has been simply amazing and will be even more so soon enough.  I had the opportunity to vote for a woman running for President of the United States.  Which is something I’ve always wanted to do.  Now that I have, I’m ready to vote Obama into office.

Listening to his speech last night had me in tears. Which isn’t surprising since I’ve been a blubbering mess the entire week while watching the DNC.  I’m not usually a crier, but watching political history in the making and losing my Dr Pepper Lip Smacker Lip Gloss all in the same week can be quite emotional.  It’s important to have glossy lips while pumping a fist in the air and chanting “that’s not change, that’s more of the same” repeatedly at the TV.


  • I know! I am STILL choked up!

  • And I agree with these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • I haven’t seen the DNC .. .dammit!
    And I never had dr. pepper lip gloss. Talk about your double whammy!

    Had a bad allergic reaction to some medication this week.
    Left me very fatigued and queasy.
    So TV was not on my list.
    I feel like I missed out.

    Will have to do some catching up now.

    Your mom did good by you.

  • I was going to write amen…but I got beat to it…so I suck and will go with “agreed”

  • Ah, Sarah, our kinhood regarding Pantsuits, their Traveling, and the Sisterhood in which they reside is, to me, worth more silver than Judas ever received! Tears too have flooded my eyes; speeches, speeches, and more speeches, and not one mention of the Trollpops of the world, and the plights we endure. Verily, I did not spend 35 years in the trenches to be ignored so fervently :-(

  • YES!! I have been crying all week too. And I ahve loved every minute of it.

    I am glad it’s over, though. My stone heart can only handel so much

  • But, Sarah, Mr. McCain wants your vote too!! Don’t you see how he went and got himself a minority for YOUR sake??? He figures, if you voted for HRC in the primar, you’re going to AUTOMATICALLY vote Pro-Female, regardless of which animal she is representing! But, thank Pete he waited until AFTER Obama-Mia announced Biden… that would have been awkward… two women VP candidates… wrestling in a mud pit somewhere over foreign policy. EEK!

    Oh wait… nevermind… McCain NEVER would have picked a woman if HRC had been put on the Obama ticket… such a schlub McCain is.

  • Damn, that whole week was AWESOME. Kennedy was a highlight for me… and Obama’s speech was fantastic. “Gloves OFF, baby – I’m callin’ you OUT, MoFo…”

    Or something along those lines.

  • I was a wreck last night watching too.
    I thought I worked hard for Kerry in 2004, watch me now! Watch out McCain! You are doing DOWN!

    Obamerica! love it.

  • Yep, fully bawling…all week.

    That’s a good response to your Mom. Must remember it for my GWB lovin’ mama. She scares me to death.

  • I’m not sure if I’m ready to come of the closet to my parents that they too raised a democrat but I love your response to the question and I love Obama, I’m going to go into a deep depression if the old man and miss congeniality get elected.

  • My husband has all ready told me he married me because I’m half-canadian and he’s going to make use of it this November if the U.S. decides we want more of the same! Al Gore’s speech and Obama’s speech were freaking awesome! How can we not want Obama to lead our country?

  • I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who got all emotional about his speech–I felt like such a dork! Well, I’m still a dork, but whatev.

  • I love reading your blog…but what a bunch of followers….do you really really want NObama for president? If you don’t do more reading or researching beside what you hear on mainstream television…I really worry for our country. We used to be a nation of thinkers, not blind followers.

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