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If anyone needs me I'll be in Southern Utah breaking up with my boyfriend.

Holy shit. I just referred to someone as my boyfriend. Related: will someone please remind me to find a therapist next week to discuss my commitment issues. Thanks.

Moving on…

There is nothing more exciting than experiencing a first with a new boyfriend. You know what I’m talking about… THE FIRST TIME YOU PUBLICLY CALL HIM YOUR BOYFRIEND, the first kiss, the first sleepover, the first ahem (edited for my mother), the first grocery shopping trip, etc.

Actually our first grocery adventure was less exciting and more insightful. I’m dating a man who still drinks Capri-Sun and thinks Otter Pops are a food group. They aren’t. Oh and they never were.

Today we will embark on another first: our first road trip together. We are driving six hours to someplace called Bluff, Utah. Um, yeah. That’s 12 hours in the car together. We’ve only been dating a few months, so the chances of us breaking up are 80-90%. Don’t worry; I let him know to find a back up ride home since I’m driving. Sometimes I’m amazed at how thoughtful I can be.


  • 1) Wait till you have to call him your ‘fiance’. One way to skip over this is to get married quickly, and never have to use the word. It’s weird and french.

    2) Still working on the ‘husband,’ it’s been almost 2 years and I’ve almost got it down.

    3) A month after we met, we went on a road trip (to Utah of all places, strangely enough) where we ended up sleeping in the back of his truck in the middle of February in the middle of the Utah desert. Now we’re married. (see 1 & 2)

    4) I don’t really know why I numbered this. Made sense at the time.

  • Uhh sorry but youre required to at least make the 6 month mark since I almost took an ass kicking on Saturday night for someone I met 30 minutes prior.

  • Anyone want to get a betting pool started ?

  • Yeah, fiance is definitely the worst one to have to say. Maybe some podcasts would make the drive more bearable? Savage Love, perhaps?

  • SuzRocks: 1) STOP SCARING ME.

    Burritos&Snow: You’re a true friend… and to show you my appreciation I will most certainly make it six months.

    Utah: Too late. We survived!

    Mandy: I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I had to Google Savage Love…

  • I’ve been to Bluff. Its like right outside of Blanding right? And Isn’t Bluff dry? As in no alcohol sold there? Or maybe its Blanding that is dry and so we had to drive to Bluff. Don’t remember exactly.

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